Cows are cute

8 reasons we love cows

Cows are gentle, good-natured, and extremely social animals. And there is no other way to put it: they are incredibly cute! Here are 8 great reasons cows are friends and not feed:

1. Cows make close friends ...

... and look after them for their entire life. They are stressed out when they are separated from their best friends. This video shows the moving story of Sweety and Tricia, two blind cows who met at the Lebenshof Farm Sanctuary and became great friends.

2. Cows can live up to 20 years, …

... if it doesn't exploit the meat and dairy industry. That is more than four times the life expectancy of a cow in the animal industry.

3. Cows are incredibly intelligent.

They are able to learn and use experience to determine their future actions. Cows' heart rates and brain waves increase when they are given a task. To put it less scientifically: You get very excited and happy.

4. Cows are gentle and full of kindness.

They love the attention of friendly people and really appreciate a relaxing abdominal massage or a gentle ear scratching. Even cows that have been mistreated in the past can forgive and learn to trust people again over time.

5. Cows have good spatial memories.

They can remember where things like food, water, shelter, best grazing areas and of course their calves are.

6. Your memories will last a lifetime.

You can recognize faces even after a long time. So be nice to cows, they will remember you!

7. Your vocabulary is bigger than “Moo”.

Researchers found that cows communicate with different moo sounds and use a complex system of postures and facial expressions.

8. There is a close mother-child bond between mother and calf.

Cow mothers are attentive, protective, and loving. A cow can nurse its child for up to three years, and even after weaning, they often stay close together for a lifetime. In herds there is a sense of maternal community, and when necessary cows even help each other to feed the calves.

If, after these amazing facts, you feel like meeting a cow yourself, you are not alone. Visit a sanctuary or a court of life near you, where these lovable animals can live in peace and security. And if you want to go one step further and do something really good for cows, replace milk and dairy products with plant-based alternatives. Nowadays there are an almost endless number of products that make the consumption of cow's milk superfluous. Have you ever tried plant-based milk?