What is mouse DPI

How much dpi does a gaming mouse need?

What role does DPI actually play in gaming? We at MeinMMO explain the basics of DPI settings and give you tips on how to set your mouse correctly.

Pretty much every gaming mouse offers you the option to set the DPI value. But how do you set the DPI value correctly and what is that anyway? In our article we explain to you:

  • What does DPI mean?
  • How much DPI do you need to play
  • How you can set your DPI
  • Tips and tricks on how to find your individual DPI values

We'll also explain the tricks you can use to try out your gaming mouse so that you can find the best DPI values ​​for you personally.

What does DPI mean?

What is DPI The abbreviation stands for "dots per inch". The more points the mouse can capture in this section, the higher the value. The DPI value specifically indicates how many points per inch my mouse can recognize.

Specifically, this means: If you set your mouse to 800 DPI, then you move your mouse pointer 800 pixels when you move one inch (2.54 cm).

Why is DPI important? The pointer of your mouse is optically transferred to the screen. So you don't move the mouse pointer directly, but by moving the mouse. The movements are then transmitted.

The higher the set DPI value, the more sensitive and finer the scanning is. This also means that the sensor basically receives data and can pass this data on to the PC.

While inexpensive office mice often have a fixed DPI value, more professional office and most gaming mice already give you the option of adjusting the DPI value to your needs with software or a button.

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How Much DPI to Play with - How Much DPI is Good?

Which is better - more or less dpi? There are currently players with both high (high sens) and low (low sens) DPI settings. This is often referred to as the DPI setting, but the sensitivity setting in the game is also relevant.

If you play with "low sens", you have to move the mouse farther than "high sens" players in order to cover the same distance on the screen. Because the higher the DPI value, the shorter the distances you have to cover on your mouse pad.

In simple terms, it can be said that you can hit more accurately with low settings, since incorrect movements are not that important.

With high DPI values, you can, in turn, perform movements and rotations faster, if you are attacked from behind, for example. In return, you lose a bit of the precision at the meeting.

How much DPI should you have? In principle, you cannot give a generally valid recommendation here and this is due to several factors:

  • On the one hand from the game that you want to play.
  • On the other hand, from the individual who sits at the PC and wants to gamble.
  • If you work at your desk or surf the Internet, a different DPI setting plays a role again.

This is our recommendation: Many modern gaming mice now also offer integrated memories that can save DPI values ​​or different DPI levels. Here we would recommend you to create profiles for your favorite games. For an RTS like Starcraft II you need different DPI values ​​than for a fast first person shooter like Call of Duty: Warzone.

How Much DPI for Gaming? Most competitive gamers use a DPI setting between 400 and 800 DPI (via prosettings.net). Overall, there are hardly any professional players who use a higher DPI setting than 3200. In games like CS: GO, low values ​​are used and instead the sensitivity of the mouse pointer is increased in-game.

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Gaming mouse: find out and set the DPI

How do I set the DPI on my mouse? Basically, it depends on which gaming mouse you own, because depending on the manufacturer, how you can change the DPI value can differ:

  • You can either use the software from the relevant manufacturer.
  • The mouse has a DPI button. With this you can also change the value. Some manufacturers also place the button on the underside of the mouse, such as the Roccat Kone Pro that MeinMMO had tested.

If your mouse offers software, it is very easy for you to find out your DPI setting and to adjust it as well.

Download the appropriate software suite and you can make all the settings within the software. You can find an overview of 6 important manufacturers and their software in the gray box below.

If there is no software for your mouse, but you can still change the DPI, then you have to take a look at your packaging or instructions. This is where you can usually find the different DPI values ​​for your mouse.

For example, if your mouse offers 400, 800, 1600 and 3200, the mouse pointer is the slowest at 400 DPI.

Gaming mouse: test the DPI

Always take the time to try out your gaming mouse and its settings. Use practice areas such as Overwatch, Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone before you plunge into real matches or even competitive skirmishes, where every click of the mouse can be decisive.

We can give you some advice on what can help you with testing:

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Gaming mouse: test the DPI

  1. Find the test environment

    Find a practice area or a map from the workshop in your favorite shooter.

  2. Fixed point test

    First test your setting at fixed points. This can be any point like a lamp post or
    Look for targets on the map and try to aim at or hit them quickly.

  3. Fixed point DPI test

    If you often slide over the target when aiming, the DPI value is too high. If you feel like you have to move your hand too much, the DPI value is too low.

  4. Test with moving targets

    In a second test you look for moving targets or move yourself. Moving targets like in Apex Legends or Overwatch are particularly suitable here. Now try to keep the moving target in the crosshairs all the time. If it is a fixed target, move around it yourself, jump, or turn.

  5. DPI test for moving targets

    If you have problems keeping the target in the crosshairs at a certain distance, then the DPI value is too high and you should lower it.
    If you have difficulties keeping the target in the crosshair at close range (close combat), then the sensitivity is too low.

You should pay attention to these settings on your gaming mouse

You should pay attention to various settings on your gaming mouse. In addition to the sensitivity (DPI), there are three things that you should also consider:

  • Polling Rate: The "Polling Rate" describes how often information is sent to your PC. Gamers should choose at least 500 or 1000 Hz here.
  • Scroll speed: If you have your choice of weapons or ammunition on the mouse wheel, for example, it is important to adapt this setting to your needs.
  • Click speed: With some mice you can adjust the click speed. This plays a role if you have to click in quick succession or how double clicks should be recognized by the system.

But there are also special gaming mice such as a 300 euro mouse that was presented in the lion's den. It has only two buttons and no mouse wheel or additional buttons.

Which DPI setting do you prefer to use? Do you have different settings or do you use one setting for multiple games? Tell us in the comments.