How will angels guide us

All you have to do is ask!

I am often asked how to communicate with a Guardian Angel. The answer is simple: you just have to ask him to do it. Your Guardian Angel is with you all the time. He's waiting and hoping that you will listen to him. He kept touching you so that you could see he was there. As you read this you should become aware of the fact that there is an angel by your side. If this is difficult for you, put your skepticism aside for a moment and imagine it. Have confidence and be open to the possibility that someone will be by your side who won't leave you for a second and wants to help you. Even if you are afraid of it, you should become aware of your Guardian Angel and open yourself up to him. This is the first step. Angels go to great lengths to communicate with people. I've seen angels pull on people's clothes or make them drop something in order to get their attention. Help is available to us. The angels want to guide us, but many of us refuse or are too busy to listen. We believe we can do it all on our own. Think for a moment about the number of times you have experienced situations similar to the following: You want to go somewhere and turn right instead of left. But you know deep down that you should have gone left. Your Guardian Angel has told you, telepathically or in a whisper. Every time this happens, encourage yourself to listen the next time. Often times, we ignore our Guardian Angel or do the opposite, and then complain when something isn't going well for us. God wants us to be happy and enjoy our lives, but we need to listen to our Guardian Angel. The angels are very fond of teaching us and are excellent teachers. If you are ready and open to learn from them, the angels will show you how to communicate with them. One of the great things about angels is that they never give up. Even if we give up on ourselves, the angels will never do that. I don't know where they get this patience from. When the angels teach you to communicate with them, they will initially teach you to pay attention to seemingly insignificant things.

You may have already left your house when you suddenly feel like you've forgotten something, even though you actually know that you have everything with you. If this happens, go back to see - this is how angels teach people. Most likely, you will come across something that you did not think of or that you forgot. Or something has to be done. The angels use normal, everyday things as teaching tools. They are trying to get through to you and would like you to respond. We humans strive to make sense of everything. You shouldn't be doing this any longer. Don't make things more complicated than they are. The angels will tell you if you are to look for meaning. Angels are very good at giving us signs. If you are just beginning to communicate with the angels, it is worth asking for a small sign. Repeat your request over and over. For example, you could ask a specific friend to call you who you haven't been in contact with in a while. Or the fact that the light in your room flickers when you think about or talk to your Guardian Angel. Pay close attention to signs. It's easy to miss them. When you ask for help, you may feel a gentle breeze wafting through the room, sometimes an angel touches your hand, or you suddenly feel a tingling sensation on your skin. With these little signs, your Guardian Angel shows you that he is there and can hear you. No matter how insignificant a sign from the angels may seem to us at any given moment, it is a symbol of hope. It reminds us that whatever happens in our life, we are not alone. We need signs because we are only human and need a certain amount of support. We would like confirmation that God and the angels are there. God gives us many signs and when we open our eyes, ears and hearts we will perceive them. They will help us fill our lives with hope, joy and laughter.

I recently went to a pharmacy where I live. There was a very old man standing at the counter. When I went in, he had just finished shopping. He looked at the drug he'd been given, looking confused and worried. The pharmacist helped him and he was surrounded by three beautiful angels. They took care of him and helped him calm down. The light of his Guardian Angel opened behind him, and the angel looked down at the man with great love and concern.

One of the other angels with him turned to me and said, “We will remind him to take his medicine.” While this story may seem trivial in some ways, this elderly man was worried about his medication and felt stressed out as a result. I know that at some point he asked his angels for help. And they were happy to help him.

According to the angels, great responsibility comes with deep friendship. In an intense and close friendship, people are connected to one another through trust, through the feeling of being able to trust their friends with everything in their lives.

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