Why is Sam Smith always so sad

Sam Smith: A friend of sadness

Singer Sam Smith assures that despite his success he can still be sad, which fortunately gives him the best songs

Sam Smith, 22, isn't concerned about a lack of inspiration.

The British singer ("Stay With Me") became a star practically overnight with his debut album "In The Lonely Hour", which is full of songs about heartbreak and unrequited love. So now that he's known as a sore thumb, his love life is sure to improve too. But fans who are now afraid that he will no longer be able to write sad songs need not worry.

"I'm playing Madison Square Garden in January, which is crazy. I write songs all the time. Because" In The Lonely Hour "was so successful, people say I won't be able to recapture the same vibe. But I always find a way to be sad. That's just the kind of guy I am, "Sam reassured his skeptics in an interview with Q magazine.

In general, things couldn't go any better for the native of London at the moment. In 2014 he topped the charts worldwide and won numerous prizes. "Q" also recently named him the best new artist of the year, which the young star was visibly happy about.

"It's amazing. I was here with [the band] Disclosure last year and nobody knew me. My life has changed completely since then. I hope it stays at that level. If it gets any more, I'll freak out", he confessed with a laugh.

Whoever he would like to present a prize to himself is also clear to the musician: "George Michael. I love him so much. I saw him at Wembley Stadium when I was 15 and that changed my life. I would love to meet him, him give a hug and say thank you, "enthused Sam Smith. If his success continues like this, he will soon have the opportunity to do so.