Is it possible to colonize the moon?

A total of twelve people have been on the moon to date - the last one in 1972.

Although research is still being carried out on the moon today, manned flights are not planned. It is safer and cheaper to work with remote sensing or robots.

Image of the surface of the moon (© NASA) and a utopian design for settlement on the moon

The moon is extremely unsuitable as a place to live. There is no free oxygen and there is only some water in remote areas - there are temperatures close to absolute zero. At night it gets cold on the moon down to -173 ° C, during the day the thermometer rises to over 127 ° C. In contrast to the earth, there is no atmosphere and only a weak magnetic field, which is why the moon's surface is exposed to a constant shower of highly energetic parts.

Settling the moon is therefore only conceivable in highly technical, complex and expensive shelters. Utopias such as the colonization of the moon and the possible exploitation of natural resources led windy businessmen to sell properties on the moon. The ownership of the moon is unclear, however, so buying a plot of land on the moon shouldn't be much more than a nice gag.