What i need to make an app

Create Your Own Native Mobile App - Part 1: The Planning

If you want to create your own app, you usually first think about the appropriate format for the application: There are many different app formats from which you have to choose the most suitable for your application. In addition to native apps, web apps and hybrid apps in particular are being further developed. The Format marks the first fundamental decision with regard to the technical characteristics of your app and is groundbreaking for the further development process.

Our multi-part on app creation revolves around the production of a native app for mobile devices. There are several reasons for choosing this app format: The biggest advantage of native mobile apps is that you can use them optimally match the operating system used can. Compared to web and hybrid apps, native applications are more powerful and have shorter response times when using an application. In other areas, too, they are less limited than other app formats - they can optimally interact with existing files on the device, access the entire available storage space of a mobile device and almost all the native functions of a device (such as camera, GPS, push notification etc.). Ultimately, a native mobile app gives you the greatest number of options for designing the application according to your wishes.

Furthermore, the Distribution with native apps is very easy: If you program an app for the mobile operating systems from Google (Android) or Apple (iOS), you usually offer your application via the Google Play Store or the Apple's App Store at. When using the app stores, it is up to you whether you offer your app for free or for a fee. The online stores of the two providers are the usual way for most users to download new applications - Apple's app store is even the only official download option for iOS applications.

Another, not insignificant reason for creating an app is the potential revenue that can be generated with it. After all, consumer spending on smartphone applications has been rising sharply for years. Worldwide sales of 78 billion US dollars are expected by 2021.