Why do I keep losing TikTok fans

7 ways to get followers on TikTok

TikTok, the social network that already has more than 500 million users is the new hub for influencers to publish content and attract even more new fans. However, it is also a new opportunity for those who want to create a place for themselves in the digital world and use TikTok as an entertainment platform on a large scale. Do you have that in mind too? To do this, you need a number of followers who will follow your profile and interact with your content.

In this post, we'll show you how you can organically increase the number of followers on your TikTok profile.

Tips for gaining followers on TikTok

1. Define your profile

First of all, you have to define very well who you want to be and how you want to show yourself to the world. As with other social networks, the profile is pretty important when it comes to gaining followers on TikTok. How can you build a good profile?

  • Choose one qualitative high quality profile picturethat defines you and is engaging to users. Some people only choose a profile based on what the picture conveys to them. So make sure you choose a profile picture that fits your personality and appeals to your target audience.
  • Choose a short one easy to remember usernameif TikTok is your first social network. If you also have profiles on other channels, it is best to keep the same name as it will make it easier for your followers to find you.
  • Make yours Profile so complete as possible. Give as much information as you think is necessary to attract potential fans. But always remember that you shouldn't give out any personal information that could compromise you. Include your hobbies, passions, or a phrase that defines your philosophy of life.

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2. Publish quality content

TikTok is an entertainment platform, so the main goal of your content should have this goal: to to chat. Originality is a key factor in content production. If you just copy what others do famous TikToker do you might get lost in the crowd. So try your own videos and always follow your style.

As soon as you have a clear concept for the video that you want to shoot, you can edit it yourself thanks to the editing options of the platform and provide it with recurring style elements. This way, your TikTok videos will be more exclusive and you will add value to the content which will increase the number of followers.

Please note that when recording the video from the TikTok camera, only a maximum of 15 or 60 seconds can be recorded. You can upload a video recorded by your phone's camera that is longer. However, this approach is not recommended. TikTok viral videos are usually rather short, as users pay less and less attention to long videos.

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3. Be active and interact with influencers

One of the most common tricks for getting followers on other networks like Instagram is to follow and interact with people who are already influential. In TikTok you can simply copy this strategy - and it is effective! Comment and interact, e.g. by liking the published videos that also match your profile. By liking and commenting, you draw attention to your Prodil and show that it can be valuable for the person to follow you and your content. Get that person's attention with your comment, but be original.

Another tip that many users use is to follow and unfollow other profiles until you get that person to follow you back.

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4. Get more reach by uploading videos at the best time

As with all networks, organic content only reaches a percentage of your followers. However, there are factors that favor the reach of the content, such as when it was published. Publish your content in the hours when users are most active and thereby increase the reach of your videos. This time is usually between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. However, we recommend that you study your followers' behavior and know their habits. This will also make it easier to create a publishing schedule, which will allow you to better organize the activity and not waste time.

5. Take part in #challenges

Without a doubt, the viral challenges are the big star of this social network. It usually consists of recording a video accompanied by a specific sound, singing, dancing, or performing some type of performance. Use TikTok's hashtags to make your content more accessible and get more followers.

You can also try creating your own challenge and having it go viral within TikTok. When the user searches for the hashtag, your profile will appear as Content creator.

6. Share content on other social networks

If you are already present on other social networks and have a certain number of followers, share some of your TikTok content on these networks to generate more exposure. Encourage your existing followers to visit this new platform. If they see that you also offer quality and entertaining content there that is different from other profiles, you will be able to inspire them to follow TikTok.

Remember: Even if you offer different content, you have to maintain your own identity. Your other profiles should be a stepping stone to increasing the number of fans on your new TikTok profile.

7. Cooperation with other TikTokers

Including other people in your videos occasionally enriches the content, and if that person already has a certain number of followers it will help you build your profile. Carefully choose who you want to work with and make sure it's someone who is as entertaining as you are.

TikTok is a new platform, and there aren't any well-defined marketing strategies in place yet, but you can start with these little tricks that work for other users and see what works best for you and your profile. Most importantly, remember that this is an entertainment platform and that the quality of the content is key to increasing your number of followers.

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