Restore photo after reset

Restore pictures on Android after a factory reset


After the factory reset, all saved images will be deleted. This guide will show customers how to restore the images.

The pictures are lost after the factory reset.

I've been using my Android phone for over a year. In the beginning everything was so neat. But it's been going so slowly for the last day, especially when using it. I couldn't take it anymore. I checked online, a factory reset can solve the problem. I've done this operation step by step. The cell phone has become new again. But the pictures in it are also deleted and I need to restore the lost photos to my Android. How can I restore the pictures on Android after the factory reset? Many thanks for your help!

What is a factory reset?

This function can reset the phone to what was shipped from the factory. If you have been using an Android phone for a long time and the garbage has accumulated in it, the phone will run very slowly. Virus infection can also cause the phone to crash. On such occasions we can make a fresh start by resetting the phone to factory settings. You have to be very careful with this factory reset or formatting. Because the data will also be deleted. EaseUS Data Recovery for Android can help you recover the pictures on Android after the factory reset.

Restore pictures on Android after a factory reset

In order to find out and rescue the lost pictures as much as possible, please stop using the phone first. With the professional program EaseUS MobiSaver for Android you can restore the pictures on Android in 4 simple steps after the factory reset. This is how Android data recovery works.

Step 1 First, connect the Android phone to the computer.

Start EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and connect your Android device to the computer. Click on the "Start" button. The program will quickly recognize the cell phone and connect to it.

step 2 Start scanning.

After connecting, the program will start scanning your phone. This will find out the lost data. Please note the cell phone battery is more than 20%. Because scanning can take a while.

step 3 A preview of the data found

After scanning, the program will list the data it finds. Please select the data types of your images. On the right side you can find the detailed information.

Step 4 Restore the data

After selecting the images, you can click “Recover” and begin the recovery. Then the restoration of the pictures on Android after the factory reset has been accomplished.