How to say rescue in Indonesian

The Indonesian naval submarine was found four days after it disappeared off the coast of Bali. This was announced by the army chief of the Southeast Asian country, Air Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto. "With this authentic evidence, we can confirm that the KRI Nanggala 402 sank and all 53 seafarers on board died while on duty," Tjahjanto said at a press conference. The submarine broke into three parts.

The Indonesian government had already given up rescuing the crew members of the sunken submarine hours earlier. "The army and navy have submarine status KRI Nanggala 402 changed from 'lost contact' to 'sunk' or 'sunk', "said President Joko Widodo, adding that he expressed his condolences to the members of the crew.

On Wednesday, contact with the almost 60-meter-long submarine in the waters off the island of Bali was broken. Indonesian search teams found suspected parts of the missing military submarine off the coast of Bali on Saturday. Finds included a bottle of lubricant for the periscope and a torpedo case. "The objects found near the submarine's last location are believed to be parts of the submarine," Tjahjanto said. The parts could never have got out of the submarine without pressure.

The Indonesian Navy announced on Saturday that the submarine had been located at a depth of 850 meters, well below the permitted diving depth of 500 meters. The ship was only designed for a diving depth of 250 to 500 meters.

The KRI Nanggala 402 was built in 1977 by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft in Kiel and has been part of the Asian island nation's fleet since 1981. In 2012 a two-year complete overhaul in a South Korean shipyard was completed.