What is the GTA 5 RP Mod

A huge rush for role-playing mod that turns "GTA 5" into "Second Life"

GTA 5 is currently one of the most popular games on Twitch. Bigger Twitch streamers like "Forsen", "Summit1G", "xQc" and "Greekgodx" have breathed new life into the now six-year-old game on the streaming platform. Not to replay the adventure, but to get into Second life- Manner of role-playing.

Has been possible for a long time

This is made possible by a role-playing mod that allows you to completely immerse yourself in Los Santos and to interact with other players on your own servers. This is operated by NoPixel.net - the official contact point for mods for the Rockstar game. The RPG modification has been around for a while - but it has been improved a lot since its release, which made streamers aware of it.

Not like in the Wild West

There are certain rules on the servers. So every player has to build a unique role and behave "humanely". Eating, drinking and hospital visits are compulsory. In addition, you can't just shoot other players overboard or run over them for no reason. If you do this, you will quickly be removed from the servers. Death also has consequences, users have to wait minutes to be able to play again.

Participation is currently not possible

However, you cannot take part in the spectacle at the moment. New players are not accepted due to the huge influx. Over 4,000 users are already waiting for approval - but new users are to be approved again soon. By the way, you can speed up the process with a donation. Meanwhile, if you don't want to wait, you can watch it on Twitch Second life in GTA 5 is working. (dk, March 18, 2019)