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Many American universities now require standardized entrance tests. You have to find out what the exact entry requirements are at the university before you apply.

These are mostly multiple-choice tests that are intended to check whether an applicant has certain skills for "undergraduate studies".
The three most important "undergraduate" entrance tests:

It's a kind of intelligence test that takes about an hour. American high school graduates must take an aptitude test to enter college. In the first part of this test (SAT I), language and math skills are tested. Then there are some subject-related tests. Depending on the American university, you do not have to take these tests as a German with a general university entrance qualification.

This test is offered several times a year worldwide. Registration is required. There are SAT test centers at the IUB Bremen and at international schools (in Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart). The SAT test costs $ 45; there is also the surcharge for the subject tests.
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SAT Subjects Test

Also a multiple choice test that tests knowledge in selected subjects. Either the university prescribes which subjects these are, or you can choose them freely. The test takes about an hour.
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The American College Testing Assessment (ACT)

The test is offered five times a year worldwide. Pre-registration is necessary. The whole thing is a multiple choice test that tests knowledge of English, math, reading and sciences. You can ask the relevant universities whether you need this test as a foreign student.
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There are additional tests for graduate courses:

GRE - Graduate Record Examination

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A general test for applying to master programs (graduate level), consisting of three sections:

  • Analytical writing - 2 essays (comment on a topic and analysis of a specific issue (duration: 75 minutes).
  • Verbal reasoning - language skills (30 questions in 30 minutes)
  • Quantitative reasoning - mathematical and logical thinking (28 questions in 45 minutes) The test takes place several times a week and costs 160 dollars.

Subject tests

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Additional tests in 8 disciplines (Biochemistry / Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology) (sometimes required for a degree-oriented graduate degree). The test costs 150 dollars and takes place on fixed dates at the TU Berlin, Internationall Business School Freiburg, America Center Hamburg, LMU Munich. A pre-registration is neccessary.

- Graduate Management Admission Test

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Requirement for graduate applications in business subjects, especially for the MBA. It is not specialist knowledge, but logical, mathematical and analytical skills that are tested. The test costs $ 250, takes about 4 hours, and takes place regularly in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf.
There are special GMAT preparation courses that are offered in some cities in Germany.

International Student Handbook of U.S. Colleges

The entry requirements for the application can be found, for example, in the "International Student Handbook of U.S. Colleges"

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