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CHAMPION power generator

Generators & emergency power units from CHAMPION

Finally in Europe! We are now offering generators from the American premium manufacturer "CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT" exclusively in German-speaking countries. CHAMPION power generators offer high-end technology at the level of the market leaders, and at an unbeatable price.
With the power generator segment, we are again expanding our outdoor & off-road program. Naturally with the same innovative strength and quality as in our traditional fields. Therefore, in a first step, we decided on an exclusive cooperation with THE provider of generators from the USA: CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT. Still relatively unknown to laypeople, the CHAMPION power generators have long been desired by professionals and experts on the European market. We are proud to now be able to offer CHAMPION generators in German-speaking Europe. 2.5 million satisfied customers in North America alone can't be wrong!

CHAMPION power generator: the advantages

  • very quiet thanks to "Silent Inverter" technology: less than 60 decibels
  • Parallel operation of two units
  • Inverter enables safe operation of sensitive devices such as notebooks
  • Very long runtime thanks to eco mode
  • Simple handling and reliable operation
  • Tank lid with lockable ventilation
  • Mobile and portable thanks to ergonomic handles

Our inverters: clean, quiet, scalable

Economical: Thanks to Eco mode, the CHAMPION inverters are extremely economical. In this mode, the devices run at 25 percent of their capacity and thus achieve runtimes of just under ten hours.

Quietly: CHAMPION inverters are as quiet as a normal conversation. It's hard to believe: CHAMPION inverters achieve sound levels below 60 decibels, which corresponds to a conversation at normal volume. A vacuum cleaner already reaches 70 decibels, a car with 80 km / h even reaches 80 decibels.

Versatile: The generators can not only be scaled and coupled in terms of output, but thanks to inverter technology they also allow normal electrical devices to be operated as well as sensitive devices such as laptops or smartphones.

CHAMPION generators: made for emergencies
CHAMPION power generators were designed for emergencies and tested in everyday life in the country where reliable emergency power generators are essential: the USA. The land area with millions of people who live apart from civilization is the land to test electricity generators for their quality and suitability for everyday use. So what does it tell us when the CHAMPION generators have developed into one of the top sellers in North America within 13 years? Quite simply: With power generators from CHAMPION you can rely on the best quality and, compared to the premium competition, at very low prices!

Areas of application for CHAMPION power generators
CHAMPION power generators are used wherever there is a need to procure electricity "out of nowhere". Generators are used on construction sites and in agriculture as well as in forestry, hunting, the police, fire services and technical aid organizations. Emergency power generators are not only useful for work in action or for crisis prevention, but are also used for parties and celebrations at lakes, in gravel pits or in the open field. This means that guests can get a cold beer from the fridge far away from the nearest socket or dance to their favorite music.
High-quality generators are also particularly popular in the camping and outdoor sector. Travelers with a mobile home, camper or caravan swear by emergency power generators. But precisely this clientele knows that quality is the be-all and end-all. With CHAMPION you buy first-class power generators at an unbeatable price!

Buy cheap power generators online in the shop
The CHAMPION generator sets, inverters and diesel units can now be purchased exclusively from us in the seilektiven-direkt.de online shop. We have tried to find the best partner and have found him in CHAMPION. The premium supplier from the USA lives innovative engineering, absolute quality assurance, high-end manufacturing processes and 100 percent customer service. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call us at any time - we will advise you personally!