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for bass

for bass (German) [edit]


No longer valid spellings:

for bass

Word separation:

for bass, No increase


IPA: [fyːɐ̯ˈbas]
Audio samples: for bass (Info)
Rhymes: -as


[1] outdated:further, forward


[1] from Middle High German 'vüerbaz' to 'vüerbazzer' "more forward"


[1] forder, forwards, further


[1] He gets half a wreath of smoked sausages in a pork butcher's shop and leaves for bass towards Kraglfing. (Ludwig Thoma, Uncle Peppi and other stories, The Property Fanatics, for Project Gutenberg)
[1] But the guy didn't seem to know his cat friend very well; because while he had his back turned to him and just for bass wanted, he felt the prey torn from him with a jerk, and at the same time a sharp claw struck his flesh. (Theodor Storm, Der Schimmelreiter, for Project Gutenberg)
[1] Then he tied the cloth, stuck his walking stick through it, and threw the rather large and heavy package over his shoulders; He walked merrily, so packed for bass further. (Josef Wittmann, Der Pascherhannes, for the Gutenberg project)

Translations [edit]

[1] Digital dictionary of the German language "fürbass"
[1] University of Leipzig: Vocabulary portal "For bass"

Similar words (German):

similarly written and / or pronounced:Bass, for sure