Who created Masha and the Bear

"Masha and the Bear": a vacation sketch as a global success

When Oleg Kusokov returned from summer vacation with a befriended family in 1996, he had left some nerves. For this, however, he had brought a folder full of sketches and an idea: a series about an annoying but lovable little girl and her quick-tempered bear, in need of harmony. Their role model: Kusokov's friends and their energetic daughter.

Global success

Years later, Kusokov's sketches became a new animation series for the Internet, and that was in 2009. "Masha and the Bear", as the show is called, has since become a global phenomenon. The series is already running in 25 countries, and has also been running in KiKA since 2013. Most of the fans have Masha and her bear in Russia. The series is also particularly popular in Germany, Malaysia, Australia, the USA, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

The success is also due to the observations Kuzokov made on vacation many years earlier. Children can put themselves in the shoes of the whimpering girl Mascha, parents can put themselves in the shoes of the overwhelmed bear who only wants the best. In addition, Mascha and the Bear is based on the well-known comic books "Mischka, the Bear" from the Soviet era.

Three months of production per episode

But the animation team of the Animaccord production format also ensures success. A dozen graphic designers spend an average of three months working on one of the episodes. Cost: $ 250,000 each. This is mainly refinanced through merchandising products. In 2015, 200 million euros were sold worldwide with "Masha and the Bear" toys, figures and clothes.

Animaccord employees create a total of ten new episodes per year. The third season is currently running on Russian TV and is also available online. With over two billion clicks, one episode made it into sixth place among the most successful videos of all time.