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Lenovo boss: We are actually not a Chinese company

The head of the computer company Lenovo is certain that his company will not run into problems like ZTE or Huawei when doing business in the USA or other western countries. And the reason lies simply in the fact that not only this, but actually all companies are one decisive point ahead. Because of its origins, Lenovo is always seen as a Chinese company, as are the aforementioned telecommunications suppliers. But that is ultimately not true. "Lenovo is a global company. We are not a Chinese company," said Yang Yuanqing in an interview with the British magazine The Inquirer.

And that's not meant to be a marketing phrase. "We are positioned globally - not only in sales and marketing, we have research and development teams in China, the USA, Brazil and Germany. And we manufacture in China, the USA, Brazil and Mexico," said the Lenovo boss out. And while this also applies to some other companies, this becomes even clearer on another point.

From all over the world ...

The management is also made up of people from all over the world. In addition to the Chinese, Americans, Canadians and an Italian are very prominently represented at the top of the group. Such diversity is rarely found. "This not only sets us apart from Chinese companies, but also from most multinational corporations," says the manager.

And this was brought about deliberately, because it brings considerable advantages. For example, managers had very different ideas about the legal basis. This has the advantage that people from a certain cultural area - such as China or the USA - do not suddenly have to look at the corresponding customs in a region like Europe without understanding and somehow have to come to terms with it. Notebook, Laptop, Lenovo, Ultrabook, Lenovo Yoga, Lenovo Yoga C930, Lenovo Yoga C930-13IKBLenovo
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