How do you stop an orgasm

Postpone ejaculation with the stop-start technique

If the desire becomes too great, the sex can be over very quickly. If the man often comes too early, this usually puts a strain on the partnership in the long run. But there are a few tricks that can be used to delay ejaculation and train the ejaculation reflex. Tips for a longer stamina.

When is the effusion too early?

No couple will sit in bed with a stopwatch. If the man arrives too early, it has nothing to do with time per se, but with the satisfaction of both partners. If the ejaculation is felt to be too early and the relationship is stressed as a result, it can be referred to as premature ejaculation. To find out if there is dissatisfaction with staying power, it is important that both of you speak about their sexual needs. Scientific research has already shown that most men orgasm within three minutes of vaginal penetration. Of course there are men who can last longer, but also those who come before the intrusion.

Stop-start technique trains the ejaculation reflex

But a specialist does not have to help with all men. What many do not know: The ejaculation reflex can be trained. And both partners can do that together. The partner or the man himself stimulate the penis until shortly before the climax. Then pause until the excitement has subsided. Then the penis is massaged again until orgasm is about to begin. The whole thing is repeated four times before the man actually comes. Through this "exercise" he can learn to be in control.

The most common male sexual problem

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems in men. Scientific studies have shown that around 35 percent of men come too early more often - regardless of age. Whether the man arrives too early also depends on his mood and the environment. The more exciting a sexual situation, the more likely it is that the man will lose control of his lust too soon. In rare cases, a physical illness, such as inflammation of the urethra, is the cause of the rapid effusion.

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