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OnePlus was founded in China in 2013 and released its first product, the OnePlus One, in 2014. The smartphone played a key role in creating the new class of flagship killers, inexpensive, high-end cell phones. The manufacturer still follows this principle today.

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  1. Rumors: We are currently looking forward to these OnePlus phones
  2. The current products from OnePlus
  3. The classification of OnePlus in the smartphone market

OnePlus belongs to the parent company BBK Electronics, as does Vivo, Oppo and their sub-brands. The smartphone manufacturer caused a sensation in 2014 with the OnePlus One, because the mobile phone offered upper-class features and clearly undercut the competition in price. This triggered a real hype, but it was only possible to actually buy it via a ticket system. In this way, the manufacturer was able to avoid overproduction and put the devices into circulation according to the production rate. In the meantime, OnePlus has abolished this ticket system, made improvements generation after generation and gained more fans.

The smartphone brand has been competing directly against other manufacturers in the premium segment at the latest since the OnePlus 7 Pro, which was released in 2019. Compared to older models, there are hardly any compromises, but the price has steadily increased. The Chinese company still serves the flagship killer category, but competitors such as Xiaomi and Honor have now also settled there. That is why OnePlus has been releasing two or three models at the same time since 2019, which cover different price ranges.

Rumors: We are currently looking forward to these OnePlus phones

OnePlus now publishes two smartphone series per year. The former usually brings with it major innovations, followed by the T models a few months later. These usually only offer detailed improvements. The OnePlus 8 series is now expected for spring 2020. It should not be just two, but three models. One of them should be a lite model and settle in the upper middle class. The brand has not had this since the OnePlus X from 2015.

All preliminary information about the OnePlus 8 series

OnePlus has presented the OnePlus 8 series. We'll tell you what you need to know about the new phones and what has become of the OnePlus 8 Lite.

The current products from OnePlus

Here we have listed the OnePlus smartphones that are currently still available in stores. With a click on the respective model you get to the test report. The OnePlus 6T is the oldest model, it appeared in October 2018 and is only available as a remaining stock from some dealers. The OnePlus 7T is the youngest model, it went on sale in October 2019. The McLaren Edition of the 6T, the other models of the 7T series and the concept cell phone from CES 2020 are not listed here. We have not tested these.

In addition to cell phone accessories and backpacks, the manufacturer also offers headphones. The latest product in this division is the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 Bluetooth in-ears. In India, OnePlus also released two 4K televisions in 2019, but they are not yet intended for the European market.

The classification of OnePlus in the smartphone market

OnePlus is currently not as widespread on the market as Samsung or Huawei, but we can certainly find models from the manufacturer in some of our best lists, for example in the best premium cell phones, cell phones with a good price-performance ratio and even smartphones with top cameras.

The brand is also known among Android fans for the OxygenOS user interface. It is designed relatively puristically, but offers all kinds of customization options and additional functions in the settings that are not available with the conventional Android system. In addition, OnePlus is always very punctual in providing updates and guarantees two major Android version updates as well as three years of firmware and security updates for each model.

Are you interested in one of the current OnePlus smartphones and would you like to know what the differences are compared to the competition? We have listed a few cell phone comparisons for you below.

In Germany you will usually not find OnePlus smartphones in retail stores, but online shops such as Amazon, Otto, Cyberport, Notebooksbilliger as well as Jacob and of course OnePlus themselves offer the devices. Cell phone providers such as Telekom or mobilcom-debitel also sell OnePlus cell phones.

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