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Report: Google pays billions for search engine deal with Apple

Apple earns enormous sums of money year after year through the search function in the in-house Safari browser. These are paid by the Internet giant Google so that the group can set the standard selection in the browser on iPhone, iPad and Mac. How high the amount is has now been known: It should be between 8 and 12 billion US dollars.

For the combination of competition and cooperation, the former Apple justiciar (Chief Legal Officer) Bruce Sewell has found a suitable term: It is a matter of "co-opetition", he said according to a new report by New York Times. "We have this brutal competition, but at the same time we also have the necessary cooperation," said the lawyer, who played an important role at Apple between 2009 and 2017. In fact, Apple and Google fought each other for a long time, so Apple sued Samsung worldwide in a kind of proxy war against Android.

Pichai and Cook eating

Meanwhile, the amount Apple gets from Google has grown strongly: In 2014 it should have been only one billion dollars. Google transfers more loudly New York Times probably no other company on the planet - the sum makes up between 14 and 21 percent of Apple's annual profit.

The iPhone manufacturer wants to keep the revenue accordingly. In 2018 there should have been a direct conversation between Apple boss Tim Cook and Google boss Sundar Pichai on the subject, and in 2017 they were even photographed eating together in a Vietnamese restaurant in Palo Alto.

Nobody changes the search engine

However, the deal is now in jeopardy: the US Department of Justice has started an investigation - and the EU and Great Britain are also looking at the contract closely. In addition to the standard search engine in Apple's Safari browser, Google is also integrated into Apple's Siri voice assistance system and into the search function of the Apple operating systems.

Users can change this in Safari, "but only a few do that". Accordingly, "Google is practically the exclusive search engine," writes the US Department of Justice. There is no prompt from the operating system to choose the search engine itself, as was known for a long time under Windows. (bsc)

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