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External inpatient quality assurance

With external inpatient quality assurance, hospitals document their treatment in various service areas. So-called quality indicators (measured values) enable the respective service area to be compared between the various facilities. All hospitals approved in accordance with Section 108 of the Book V of the Social Code are legally obliged to take part in this procedure. This enables a nationwide quality comparison. The G-BA defines the requirements for this in its guideline on quality assurance measures in hospitals.

The data from the hospitals are recorded according to these specifications, statistically evaluated at federal and state level and then analyzed. Each participating hospital is provided with its own results. It can compare this with the results of the other hospitals in its state. If there are deviations from previously defined quality goals, the causes for these deviations are searched for in a so-called structured dialogue. This clarifies whether the computationally determined abnormalities are due to qualitative problems. If this is the case, a more detailed analysis of the causes takes place with a committee of experts in a confidential framework.

The process offers the opportunity to initiate targeted measures to improve quality in the hospitals. The trustworthiness of the data is checked annually with the help of a data validation procedure for selected service areas in random samples.