How does a surgical stapler work

What is a surgical stapler?

A surgical stapler is a medical device that is used to place surgical staples. Staples are used to close wounds, from bowel resections to skin incisions. They are common in surgical settings around the world. Before surgery, patients may want to ask their surgeon which method of wound closure is used and whether any special precautions need to be taken for follow-up care. Patients should also alert their surgeons to metal allergies, as surgical staples are usually alloys and the surgeon does not want to place staples if a patient is allergic to a metal such as nickel.

Surgical staplers were developed in response to concerns about the healing of traditional sutures. Evidence suggests that sutures are more prone to leakage and peeling, although further studies show that conventional sutures are perfectly safe when properly placed. However, the development of the surgical stapler also brought a number of advantages, including speed, accuracy, and uniformity of wound closure, which made the stapler a useful tool for the operating room. Both stapling and suturing are taught to the surgeon and training is provided on the appropriate settings for each technique.

There are several types of surgical stapling devices on the market designed for different types of staple placement. Some surgeons prefer single-use staplers, which are equipped with single-use cartridges and are used for a single patient. Others use reusable stainless steel staplers. In this case, a disposable cartridge is used and the stapler is sterilized after use so that it can be used on another patient. Reusable staplers generate less surgical waste, but energy is required to sterilize them, so the environmental impact is not very different when compared to a single-use product.

One tool related to the surgical stapler is a staple applier, a device used to apply surgical staples. Both staples and staples can be used on many different types of surgical wounds and cuts. Once the healing process is complete, they can be removed. Removal is done with a surgical staple remover, which allows staples to be removed with minimal trauma to the surgical site.

The surgical stapler will leave some scars on surface wounds. The site of the incision itself will form a scar, and small scars may appear where staples have been inserted. Some techniques can be used to minimize scarring and promote healing with minimal scarring, and these can be discussed with a surgeon if a patient is concerned about the possibility of scarring after surgery.