What is raw PHP

Raw internet in the national network SH

The free / "raw" Internet access was designed as a replacement and alternative to xDSL connections.
For this purpose, a closed user group was set up in the national network SH (GBG-038), which transports the Internet traffic to the Internet provider. The client's local network is not an essential part of this consideration and can be operated by Dataport or third parties on one's own responsibility.

Access to the Internet is not filtered and is currently being used. offered exclusively over IPv4. The private IP addresses automatically assigned in the LAN of the raw Internet are converted to the public IP addresses assigned to the Internet provider and thus masked, as is comparable with conventional xDSL connections.

For more information, please refer to the following information sheet:

A risk analysis was carried out between the ZIT SH and the Dataport.
The ZIT SH as the responsible operator of the state network SH is the risk bearer.
The implementation of protective measures is carried out by Dataport.
The related document has only been released for internal use and can therefore only be viewed in the LNWebView under the following link:

Please apply for the raw Internet at Dataport via the functional mailbox [email protected] using the following form: