Vaping is not allowed in Disneyland

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Vaping in California ?!
Good Morning all,
I know there are quite a few threads here regarding vaping abroad. However, I have a very specific question that I couldn't really find much about - here I go:

At the end of September and beginning of October, I went to the Los Angeles area for a few days. I'm incredibly lucky to get paid to visit some of the amusement parks there. I know from the original Disneyland in Anaheim that smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas.

But what about California in general? Will I be shot in the street if I indulge my pleasure? Does anyone have experience with immigration and steam material in hand luggage? Are there steam shops, maybe even some that you absolutely have to visit? Should something urgently be on the shopping list that is especially available for purchase there? Or should I always stock up beforehand as if I were visiting an uninhabited island?

I would be happy if one or the other could help me out with a few tips and / or research tips. Thank you in advance.

Have a cool vaping day, folks!