What's the story of KitchenAid

KitchenAid celebrates its 100th anniversary

How it all started

1908 in Troy, Ohio: Hobart engineer Herbert Johnston observes a baker who is stirring his bread dough with a heavy iron spoon and decides to develop a better and simpler method for this. The result of Johnston's work is the first commercial food processor: the Hobart Model H, which has been sold to bakeries and the US Navy since 1914.

The first big success prompted new developments. The first electric kitchen appliance for private households, the H-5 model, was introduced as early as 1919. When the wives of the Hobart executives were testing the H-5, one of the testers remarked, "I don't care what you call it, this machine is the best kitchen helper I've ever had." The brand name KitchenAid was born - and was registered as a trademark in the US Patent Office.

Another revolutionary step: in 1920 KitchenAid patented the unique planetary mixer in its kitchen machine. The success grew and the KitchenAid became indispensable in the well-equipped kitchen. KitchenAid's first advertisements appeared in magazines as early as 1923.

KitchenAid introduced the Model G in 1927. Within three years, 20,000 units of this food processor, lighter and more compact than the H-5 model, were sold. Henry Ford was also the proud owner of this novelty from the "Roaring Twenties".

The thirties were characterized by the global economic crisis. As a reaction to the "Great Depression", KitchenAid hired the nationally recognized industrial designer Egmont Arens in 1936 to design three more models. The food processor should be affordable, universally applicable and easy to use for every household. In the following year, the K series designed by Arens was presented, which is still successfully sold today.

KitchenAid is known for its colorful kitchen appliances. The company started early with the expansion of the color world. During the 1950s, KitchenAid unveiled the first colorful household machines in the USA and set new accents in the field of kitchen appliances with shades such as blossom pink, sunny yellow, island green, satin chrome and antique copper. This was followed by the market launch of the first KitchenAid dishwasher.

The 80s and 90s were characterized by an immensely growing range of products. In 1986, the range of large appliances from the KitchenAid brand was completed with refrigerators. Seven years later, the portfolio was expanded to include blenders, hand mixers and food processors in striking colors.

In 2013, the premium brand expanded its range with a large number of new products: The attachments for the iconic kitchen machine offer many new options, because the large selection of accessories makes it easy to dice, cut, chop, press and mince a wide variety of ingredients. The so-called "Culinary Center" opens up new culinary possibilities that make the food processor much more than a classic mixer.

The new design experience

In the 21st century, KitchenAid launched a large number of other product and design innovations. The toaster from the current Artisan line was launched in Europe in 2003. It was followed in 2004 by the espresso machine and in 2005 by the food processor. In autumn 2008 KitchenAid presented its large selection of built-in appliances for the first time in Germany. With the holistically integrated kitchen concept, everyone around the world can enjoy an excellent, first-class kitchen at home today.

In 2010 KitchenAid introduced the Artisan Blender. The new member of the KitchenAid Artisan family will appear in twelve trendy colors when the product is launched. In 2012 KitchenAid launched kitchen machines with a sensational performance of 1.3 HP on the German market. The powerful motor, a sophisticated bowl lifting system and a capacity of 6.9 liters make the powerful machine particularly interesting for professional kitchens and restaurants.

Another milestone followed in 2016: the introduction of the mini kitchen machine. With the smaller and lighter version, this food processor is now moving into cozy city apartments and enriches every kitchen, no matter how small. KitchenAid aficionados will once again get their money's worth in 2017: The Power Plus Blender, one of the most powerful blenders on the market, is presented and primarily supports health-conscious connoisseurs when mixing fresh smoothies and soups. As early as 2018, the Blender family will be expanded to include the High-Performance Blender with its powerful 3 HP Intelli-Speed ​​motor.

Over the past 100 years, the iconic, innovative and progressive products have helped KitchenAid become a true love brand. For decades and generations, the brand continues to bring creativity, passion and inspiration to kitchens around the world. And in the anniversary year 2019, KitchenAid is setting another milestone in history with the launch of the new Queen of Hearts collection.



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