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Love artists: Nobody flirts better than Russian women

Nina Hagen knew: "If you are hot, you had to answer!" And for the turn on, Eastern European women, especially Russian ones, make Western women look pale.

I only recently became aware of this again in a Berlin bar, which not only had drinks and the option to smoke, but also a large selection of Porsche keys, deep insights into freshly shaved muscles under unbuttoned men's shirts, red lips and mini skirts. A wonderland of blunt turn-ons, a journey through time into a German nightlife before the student unisex overkill.

In this enchanted place, a young Russian woman looked even more enchanting than anyone else, with her towering high heels firmly anchored to the ground, her free shoulders and her delicate hips covered in thin fabric rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the soft house music. These delicate movements looked fragile, doll-like, but her gaze was uncompromising. The good dozen men around her cheered the dance - and expressed deep regret to each other when the Russian only left the group in the company of her friend.

"Moscow girls make me sing and shout" - even the Beatles sang of the tender lure of Russian women. Their special attraction, at least as the men in my circle of friends and acquaintances explain, is that they do not understand femininity as a characteristic of the weaker sex, but as a lifelong celebration.

Russian women expect men to pay the bill in the restaurant. They have the door open for them, put on their coats and in return for these attentions, in a possible later marriage, they proudly prepare food for their husband. This old-fashioned togetherness has nothing to do with submission.

Most German women don't want to appear on their first date that they can't take care of themselves. And that they are not easy to get, they usually try to show that they are not too impressed by the man, instead of being courted like divas. This is based on the urge to be emancipated in all respects. Right from the start, even with the flirt.

The decoupling of sex and procreation opened up sexual self-determination for them. With the invention of the pill and the legalization of abortion, the decisive course was set in the direction of a new quality of life. "This new type of woman, which is characterized by financial independence and a high level of education, also means that they flirt more often and more naturally than they did a few years ago," says the sociologist of partnership Bastian Schwithal.

Women slip into the role of conquest

It is true that German women also have a large flirt repertoire: "from the gaze to the tilting of the head to the special emphasis on their physical charms". However, more and more people like to drop in at the door: "Especially in the group of women under 35 years of age, the trend can be observed that women are increasingly slipping into the role of conquest. They no longer want to wait for a man to find the first one Step dares. You want to determine the man, time and place yourself, "explains Bastian Schwithal. At the same time, their demands and expectations of the partner increase. According to Schwithal, the man should be "attractive and humorous, earn money, change the children at night and make a good lover at the same time" for life. Looking good is no longer enough - but it helps with the initiation, the flirtation.

My friend's boyfriend makes women weak. Or: it makes you lustful and frivolous. At least that's how it was observed in the said bar. Because while the Russian turned the heads of the men, those women approached my friend's boyfriend who received less attention: "You are so beautiful, so beautifully tall," breathed a lady from the bar and handed him another drink. In tight hip jeans, with a low-cut blouse and made-up eyes, she looked like a side-one girl - which is why I'll call her that for the sake of simplicity.