What are parliamentary privileges

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The next speaker is Dr. Cap. The clock is also set to 8 minutes. - You're welcome. (SPÖ): High House! I am one of those people who do not believe in quoting every newspaper article. So I have a critical relationship when in the "Standard" of November 4, 1999, Mr Seidl writes the following under the title "Knights of Privilege without Privileges" - also a little in response to the comments made by the previous speaker:

"The laws in this country are made by people who are not aware of their own worth. For twenty years now, they have been forced to impose one debate on privilege after another, and lead them with a humility that is otherwise only appropriate in domina studios , and then decide to abolish privileges. " (Laughter.) " But there are no longer any privileges that could be abolished. "- End of quote.

So I don't see it in this totality, but I believe that good Conrad Seidl is right in the baseline. Perhaps he was also thinking a little about the privileges of journalists when he said that there were no longer any privileges. On the whole, in my opinion, this is a direction that the analysis takes in a very targeted and very sensible way.

It is always the case, ladies and gentlemen of the Freedom Party, that this is brought in here, primarily by your side, as a political stylistic device. You have to be a little considerate of the many young MPs who are here in the house. You also have a few young MEPs who are here for the first time and are just learning that they are worthless. Perhaps you do therapeutic exercises in this regard in your club, during which you, as the club chairman, always ask the question: Dear young MPs, what are you worth? - And they answer in unison: Nothing, Mr. Scheibner! Nothing, Mr. Scheibner! (Abg. Scheibner: Are the pensioners worth only 40S a month to you, and the politicians 3,000 - or what? That mustn't be true what he's talking about!)

Do without the 100,000 S! Nobody will stop you from paying these 100,000 S into the FPÖ's social fund! Since Rosenstingl and Mentil this has already had one

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