What are Starbucks' indirect competitors

A big fish! "Starbucks is a direct competitor"

Now it's about coffee! With mycoffeein, Roman Bobrov and Sascha Trojanowskij rely on an app with which everyone can order their coffee to go. “We've both been self-employed in the hotel, non-hotel and internet marketing business for about a decade. We're friends for even longer. After many projects and failed startups in the past, we have now conceived a baby with mycoffeein, with which we have created a sustainable and scalable business model, ”says Trojanowskij.

"We are creating a new sales channel"

In a mini interview with deutsche-startups.de, mycoffeein maker Sascha Trojanowskij talks about coffee culture, reusable cups and everyday routines.

Which problem do you want to solve with mycoffeein?
With mycoffeein we are pursuing several approaches. With our app, we offer end consumers a simple and convenient way of integrating ordering coffee to go via app into their daily routine. Just because you're in a hurry doesn't mean you have to go without good coffee. Germany is still lagging behind when it comes to “good quality coffee” compared to other European countries. This is where we want to start and make good coffee culture accessible to a wider audience. For people who are new to a city, but also for tourists, our app offers the opportunity to find good cafés quickly and without detours and to order them immediately. Furthermore, we would like to intervene in the seemingly endless discussion about disposable cups and the pollution caused by them by soon integrating the choice between disposable or reusable cups into our ordering process. On the other hand, the app offers many advantages for café operators. We are creating a new distribution channel for the sale of espresso drinks and thus help to sell a product that is consumed every day more efficiently.

Dozens of new start-ups emerge every week, why is mycoffeein a success?
Not every start-up is to be condemned, but among the dozen of these start-ups there are sometimes already existing or overfunded ideas with no real added value. We believe that overfunding leaves more room for mistakes and the respective team to work more comfortably. The goal must always be to achieve the greatest possible goal with as few resources as possible. With our coffee to go app, we offer tangible added value that makes everyday life easier and optimizes sales for both end consumers and café operators. With mycoffeein, we solve obvious problems and give end users an instrument to optimize their daily routine.

Who are your competitors?
Starbucks is a direct competitor that offers its own app for their own franchise. We offer our app to all coffee to go sales stands that meet certain criteria.
Orderbird is an indirect competitor who also serves café operators with a cash register system.

Where will your start-up be in a year?
We went live on January 15th and the first test in Berlin was successful. We are now concentrating on other cities, as we receive an enormous number of requests from users in Hamburg, Munich and other cities who download the app but cannot find any connected cafes to order. Our goal in one year is 800 cafés across Germany. We want to do this with our partner program, with which we let every user earn money. You can register with us free of charge and then you can advertise mycoffeein in cafés. If you have successfully advertised a café, this partner receives a small share of every order placed in the app. That every month. We hope for rapid organic growth throughout Germany and at the same time create a mycoffeein community that prepares, orders, drinks and advertises coffee to go.

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