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Welcome to www.gratisdomain.eu, the large information portal on the subject of free domains. Here you can find all information about the topics free domain registration, administration and use. www.gratisdomain.eu structures and explains in detail all current options with or without web hosting for free Top-level domains, second-level domains and third-level domains. In addition, we compare all known free providers. Our range of information is rounded off by a small domain customer for beginners and advanced users who are interested in free alternatives for their homepage or website. All domain solutions and hosting products are 100% free. Our motto: If you pay more, it's your own fault. Have fun browsing!

Overview of free domain and web space offers

As an introduction, the following table shows a brief overview of the options for registering and using domains free of charge (e.g. as a website or homepage with website construction kit). The matrix is ​​structured based on the two most important factors in domain and website management: Advertising freedom (is the website you want to build free of third-party advertising?) and Web hosting (Do you have to pay for the storage space for building the website?). In addition, categories 1-4 contain domain examples (URL), information on the level or quality of the domain and domain control in the fields.

Typing of free domain and web space offers
Including web space (website creation)Exclusive web space / domain management only
Without advertisementWith advertisingWithout advertisementWith advertising

Type 1

Standard test package (TLD)
e.g. meineite.de

Type 2

Freehoster (SLD / subdomain)
e.g. meineite.de.vu

Type 3

Trash domain (TLD) / self-registration
e.g. mypage.ml

Type 4 (b)

Forwarder (SLD / subdomain)
e.g. meineite.org.wf

Type 4 (a)

Forwarder (TLD) / external registration
e.g. meineite.de

We'll show you how to set up a domain permanently free or for one free for a certain period of time can use. There are different options that fit more or less well depending on the situation. Because individual goals and project plans are extremely important when deciding on the best option to use your own domain free of charge as a mail domain and / or main address for the website or homepage.

Free homepages and websites

A own homepage with an individual domain and specific e-mail address is used today by a large number of private individuals and most companies. What used to be associated with technical challenges and high costs is now even completely free of charge or extremely inexpensive.

This website deals with the first variant, the free domain registration and use. The technical challenges are no longer an obstacle today. From domain selection to hosting to configuration, design and customization, it is Today it's child's play to create your own website for free and operate. How this works and which providers exist for it on the web are shown on this portal. Discover the possibilities and in the end decide for yourself which is the best option for your web project!

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