How do you lose your respect

6 surprising things that will make a man lose his respect for you

If you think the only way men can lose respect for you if you sleep with them too soon, you are wrong.

There are some other things that are far more important that you might want to watch out for. Pay attention to how you act in front of him and what messages you send him.

If your behavior shows that you are too available, give too much, or have no life of your own, he will lose respect for you and you will not know why he is suddenly so distant.

And if he loses respect, you will immediately lose your attractiveness to him.

To prevent this from happening, avoid these 6 things and start now.

1. You agree with everything he says

It's really rare to find a person whose mindset is so similar to ours that we just nod our heads the whole time without even listening to them.

It's practically impossible to disagree with everything he says when you have your own opinion.

And if you never interrupt him or say that you disagree with him, he will refer to you as someone who has no opinions of your own and he will lose respect for you.

Don't be afraid to say what you really think and resist him if you need to, because these are the signs that you have your own opinions and that you don't care if he disagrees.

It means that you have faith in yourself and not just nod at everything he says to you.

2. You can be reached

By being reachable I mean that you are always on the highest alert, expecting his call or text message and answering them the same second you hear your phone ring.

If you do, he will think you have no life and the only thing you do is wait next to your phone for him to call you or text you.

Also, if he asks you out on a date and you immediately reply that you are excited and can't wait to see him, you will be available.

Even if you're always available for a date, don't answer him two seconds after he invites you.

If necessary, pretend you need to review your schedule or just keep him waiting for a while so that he thinks you are wondering whether or not you should go out with him.

That way you create a mystery and he will respect you if you have other priorities besides him.

3. You have no limits

If he says something that annoys you or deliberately hurts your feelings and you don't bring it to his attention, he will think you are too tolerant and he will know that he can do what he wants with you. And then you lose his respect.

Always have limits and stick to them. Don't tolerate his crap just because you like him and want to be the best for him.

4. You're too nice all the time

There isn't a single person who can always behave nicely regardless of the situation or circumstance.

It's in our nature to get angry at times, or to be pissed off for reasons unknown.

And if you are too nice all the time just because you think he expects you to do so, or for him to leave you if you are not nice, you are making a big mistake.

Being too nice all the time is exhausting and will make him question your personality.

He will know that you are trying very hard to be loved by him and that is why he will lose his respect for you and his affection as well.

5. You make it your only priority

If you are always there for him and always make an effort to surprise him and show your affection, he will know that he is your only priority and he will lose his respect for you as a result.

You can never dedicate yourself 100% to something that makes you happy because it is not healthy.

You have to find a way to balance your love life with your friends and family, and you should never just stick to one thing because that way you are neglecting others who are equally important to be treated equally.

6. You give him the treatment of silence

If you keep acting passive-aggressive it will be a huge turn-off for him and it will surely make him lose his respect for you.

If something bothers you and you just keep quiet and ignore him for a while and then pretend nothing happened, he will know that something is bothering you, but you are not ready to share it with him.

This passive-aggressive treatment will annoy him and he will consider you weak because you don't have the strength to tell him immediately if something is bothering you.

The treatment of silence is the biggest killer of attractiveness and respect, and that is exactly something that should be avoided at all costs.