Why do people break the speed limit

"Where else can you really get the full 600 hp of a sports car out?"

A speed limit on German autobahns? For some, a horror idea. Some foreign tourists even come to Germany to experience full speed in a sports car.

In Germany there is once again a discussion about a general speed limit on motorways. A government commission for more climate protection in traffic recently proposed, among other things, a general maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour. But for many locals and also foreign tourists it is a dream to push the speed limit of their own vehicle to the limit or even to drive through the country in a sophisticated sports car. Suppliers such as Motion Drive have specialized in such requests. They offer race track training and sports car tours and rent sports cars, which customers can use to make their own (motorway) tours. The founder and CEO of Motion Drive, Phillipp Müller, speaks in an interview about the fascination of speed.

What is the attraction of the German autobahn? What is your advice, especially for foreign customers, before using them?

Of course, the general speed limit, which does not (yet) exist, is particularly appealing here. Where else can you really get the full 600 hp of a sports car out? Even more so if - as the Swiss can certainly painfully confirm - you don't have a race track on your doorstep. What many underestimate, however, is that you should already have a certain amount of experience with higher tempos or approach them slowly. German driving school training is one of the most demanding in the world, and there are good reasons for that: I can only correctly assess which braking distance I have at over 200 km / h with a little practice and routine. In general, one can say: We advise each of our customers to slowly approach higher speeds.

Which countries do the most customers contact you from?

We now have a clientele from all over the world. This includes many Swiss, but also people from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, China or Brazil. In all of these countries - to the chagrin of many sports car fans - there are strict speed limits on the motorways and expressways. Fortunately not yet with us.

What are the most popular cars in your fleet?

The Lamborghini regularly tops the ranking list as an absolutely exotic vehicle, but the Audi R8 is also an absolute bestseller, and has been for years. American and Asian customers in particular are regularly enthusiastic about a Porsche, even if it's just a very ordinary 911 Carrera.

Do women also contact you who want to drive themselves?

Yes, although the quota is of course inferior to that of male interested parties, we have also had regular inquiries from female interested parties for years. Very interesting: Especially in our demanding racetrack training courses, the proportion of women is significantly higher at almost 20 percent!

The cliché is often: Young men race. Is there a certain age group that is particularly interested in fast cars?

All age groups are interested, but it can already be seen that with increasing age, common sense often simply sets in and one is content with the family car. Young men are definitely more willing to really spend their money on a trip in a fast car.

Would you worry about a speed limit on the highways, or are you even for it yourself?

I am in favor of continuing the variable speed limits that are already very successful in Germany with the help of electronic displays. In my opinion, these represent the best possible combination of freedom for drivers, safety and traffic flow. I am not concerned that our business does not primarily depend on such a speed limit, but with guided sports car tours, racetrack and drift training that is much broader than that of us serious consequences threatened here. Even the “normal customer” who just wants to rent a sports car for once does not drive on the autobahn most of the time, but rather enjoys the lonely country road, beautiful mountain passes or presents his mobile in front of the ice cream parlor at home.

Are there any customer requests that you would not meet?

Yes. If we generally have a feeling of insecurity, we also break off journeys without warning. After all, it is not only expensive values ​​that are attached to it, but above all priceless human lives.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​founding Motion Drive?

I've been an active motor sportsman since I was a child. I wanted to continue and use that professionally - completely against the wishes of my parents, who would have preferred a solid course of study. And so I founded Motion Drive at the age of 21 with the aim of making this experience possible for others throughout Germany without having to buy an expensive sports car.

What does fast driving mean for your customers and for you personally, where is the fascination?

For our customers as well as for me it is still a piece of freedom in an increasingly regulated world.