Who is Bardock, the father of Goku

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Goku could meet his father for the first time

Since his debut, Son-Goku's father Bardock has been one of the most popular Dragon Ball characters. Soon, father and son could actually meet for the very first time.

Bardock had his last big appearance in the first act of the blockbuster movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, in which he and his wife Gine sent their little son Kakarott to earth in a capsule. Bardock and almost every other Saiyan died shortly afterwards and Son Goku never met his parents. However, there could soon be a meeting of the Saiyan generations in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes seems to bring Goku and Bardock together

This is made possible by the time travel story of the anime series, which already presented us with some previously almost unthinkable character constellations. Heroes skilfully uses the concept of time travel and parallel timelines for its story as well as a lot of fan service. Thanks to this starting point, it soon seems to be finally finally for the very first meeting between Bardock and Goku get. A historic Dragon Ball moment!

Bardock sees an adult cockatoo

A recently released new opening video for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes game suggests that Bardock and Son-Goku could soon meet for the first time, in which we meet various familiar faces again. While Heroes villain Fu seems to be allied with the Dragon Ball Z movie villains Bojack, Cooler and Tales, ends up elsewhere in the meantime Son Goku with his father - but Bardock pays little attention to his now grown-up son.

For Saiyan the construct "family" is not very important

But why does Bardock hardly show any reaction when he suddenly sees his son in front of him? On the one hand, this could of course be due to the fact that Bardock simply does not recognize who is suddenly standing in front of him or he simply doesn't care, which would probably be a more depressing answer. Another possible explanation for Bardock's hypothermic reaction is Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

Bardock and Gine say goodbye to Kakarott

In an interview (via Kanzenshuu) Toriyama went a little closer to Bardock and his character. Goku's father is true "warlike", however, he has a, rather atypical Saiyan low level of humanity. We saw this, for example, in the TV special Dragon Ball Z: Son-Goku's Father, in which he supports his comrades, and in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, where Bardock sends his son to safety on another planet.

Toriyama also says that Bardock might have siblings he doesn't know about, but even if they do, he probably isn't interested in them. According to Toriyama, the reason for this is that Saiyan simply has a different understanding of "Family" than we had, so family ties didn't matter too much to her, which may explain Bardock's reaction to Goku in the Heroes video.

Would you look forward to a meeting between Goku and Bardock?