How do I attract a Capricorn

Men, Fashion and the Stars - Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)


December 18, 2020

Also this month it is said again: The stars do not lie! We took a closer look for you and found out what makes up the zodiac sign Capricorn. How does the earth sign tick on the job, with whom it gets along particularly well and above all, how is the Capricorn man dressed? We'll tell you here:

Character check - this is how the Capricorn man ticks

In the hustle and bustle of a party or in the spotlight of a large group, you will look for the Capricorn in vain. Rather, he will spend his precious free time on the couch to escape the stress of everyday life and gather new strength. This is what he needs to achieve his ambitious goals. The Capricorn man is known for his straightforwardness and stubbornly sticks to something he has started in order to bring it to success. His sense of duty alone dictates that. Those born under this zodiac sign are themselves the greatest critics and always focused on self-optimization. Just give up if you fail? Not an option for ibex. Many consider men of this earth sign to be conservative because they always adhere to their values ​​and also represent them. Such for them is fidelity. Once you have made a Capricorn friend, he will be by your side loyally and reliably - in good times and bad.

Career check - this is how the Capricorn man works

Capricorns are often good bosses. You know how to lead a team of different people with a wide variety of needs, always diplomatic, but objective and result-oriented. Hardly any other zodiac sign is so created for a career in management. The Capricorn man has high expectations of his own work performance and fulfills them through unrestrained diligence. Mere talent would never be a pillow to rest on. The Capricorn man hates nothing more than wasting time, especially in a professional environment. His schedule is meticulously kept and the only gap in it is devoted to a short lunch break. If there were a saying above his desk, it would be “time is money”, his middle name - efficiency. Of course, men of this caliber are not always immune to setbacks, but if they fall off the horse, they sit straight back on. Then simply with an even better strategy. Loyalty also plays a big role for Capricorns at work and he will never forget those who stood by his side on the way to the top. He then has the appropriate reward ready for everyone to show his appreciation.

Relationship check - with whom the Capricorn man is good

Capricorn men are not the best at expressing their romantic feelings and can at times come across as dispassionate in relationships. But that is deceptive: a hot fire burns under the cool surface and they are definitely very pleasurable characters. They simply believe that it is the inside that counts, not the friendly facade. Women who recognize this and win the Capricorn for themselves with love and serenity, often find in him the man for life. However, even in their partnership, they cannot completely put an end to their expectations and they have clear ideas about your marriage. They like to live the classic gender model and take care of earning the money. But then they also want to come back to a perfectly managed household in the evening. A woman who enjoys taking care of her husband's well-being, who likes to be a host and who takes on the leisure activities for both, fits best with this demanding zodiac sign. The reward for this is a carefree life with an emotionally stable husband who is also her best friend. Virgos and Taurus, who are also born in the earth sign, are the perfect partners for the Capricorn man, because they are just as down-to-earth and persistent as he is. So they know exactly how to penetrate his shell and then live together in harmony with him .

Style check - this is what the Capricorn man wears

When it comes to clothing, Capricorns also like to be practical and comfortable. For him, quality clearly takes precedence over quantity. That is why, especially in winter, he relies on functional and at the same time reliable designs and warming materials. Winter jackets in muted earth tones are his first choice. For this reason, »the quilted jacket with a detachable hood cannot be missing in his wardrobe this season. But also »the navy blue wind- and water-repellent long jacket with reflectors is exactly the right companion for the habit-loving Capricorn on cold winter days.

In his free time and on weekends, he also likes to fall back on a cozy favorite sweater or a cozy cardigan and comfortable shoes in the cold season. He feels most comfortable in dark colors and earth tones that don't attract too much attention: blue, gray, black, deep green and brown dominate his wardrobe. The whole thing is spiced up every now and then by a bright basic item such as »the yellow parka with a fashionable used look, which provides a colorful change, especially on gray days in January. For special occasions, however, the male Capricorn prefers to reach for elegant eye-catchers. Our recommendation: »The high-quality brown wool coat with cashmere in the material. A real favorite if you ask us!

The character check of the straight Capricorn man is followed by a look at the stars for the unconventional Aquarius in February. We are excited to see what the eleventh sign of the zodiac has to offer in terms of character and fashion.