How effective is laser root canal treatment

Root canal treatment with laser in Düsseldorf

If the inner tissue of a tooth is infected by bacteria, root canal treatment is often the only way to preserve the tooth. If not, the inflammation can eventually even attack the jawbone. The diseased tissue must be removed, including all bacteria that are hiding in the smallest spaces.

First, the root canals are exposed from above and the affected nerves and blood vessels are freed. The inside of the tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and treated with antibacterial properties. If lasers are used to help, the antibacterial cleaning is more effective than with rinsing and files alone. At the end of the root canal treatment with laser in Düsseldorf, we seal the tooth with durable, antibacterial filling material.

Benefits of laser root canal treatment

  • High success rate
  • Thorough disinfection
  • Gentle intervention
  • Fast treatment

Tooth preservation through root canal treatment with laser

Your dentist in Düsseldorf has state-of-the-art dental laser devices with which we can reliably kill all harmful bacteria, even in areas that are difficult to access. The risk of renewed inflammation is significantly lower than with conventional therapy. Dentists must try to preserve the natural tooth for as long as possible.

Because pulling a tooth (extraction) always affects the neighboring teeth, at least with regard to their firm and secure hold. Root tip resection (removal of a root tip) should also be avoided if possible. With laser root canal treatment in Düsseldorf, we can often keep teeth whose pulp (nerve-vessel bundles in the tooth crown and in the root canals) is inflamed and almost completely functional.

Don't let it get to that in the first place

Our friendly dental team is always there for you and your teeth. Because whether conventional or with a laser - there should be no root canal treatment in the first place. Thorough dental care and regular preventive examinations at the dentist are urgently recommended for this.

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