Why are there no dinosaurs today

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Not only the weather, the climate is changing too. But while the weather today can bring us bright sunshine and gray rain clouds tomorrow, a change in the climate is proceeding very slowly.
For example, when the dinosaurs still populated the earth, it was warmer than it is today. In large parts of today's Europe and America, plants grew that are only found in the tropics today. However, about 65 million years ago there was a massive climate change.
The trigger was very likely a meteorite impact on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. A chain reaction consisting of a darkening of the sun with a strong cooling of the earth and a subsequent greenhouse effect probably gradually led to the dinosaurs becoming extinct.

Natural and man-made climate change

Different warm and cold periods are basically nothing unusual for our planet. The most recent ice age, for example, ended just about 12,000 years ago. This is a no brainer in the climate bill! Unlike today, however, these cooling or warming used to have natural causes, namely above all continental drift, volcanic eruptions and ocean currents. You can read about it on the next few pages.
Nowadays, on the other hand - as the vast majority of scientists say - humans are responsible for climate changes - and that in a comparatively extremely short period of time. If we don't do anything about it, the earth could warm up by as much as 5.4 ° Celsius by 2100 (source: Federal Environment Agency, 2017). That would make life on our planet very difficult to adapt.