Does the medical laboratory have a market in Kenya


In Kenya, economic activity is picking up again despite the current crisis. Market insiders continue to expect a growing medical sector. The private sector in particular offers business opportunities for German suppliers.


Although Kenya's economic development is suffering massively from the pandemic, a comparatively moderate lockdown has allowed parts of the economy to remain active. How severe the impairments will be overall is still uncertain. However, German companies and the Delegation of German Business for East Africa (AHK) continue to see the potential of the market: Even if trade in imported goods has fallen significantly in times of Covid-19, they continue to be optimistic about the long-term prospects.

Experts assume that the state medical sector will become noticeably more important after the corona pandemic at the latest. The severely underfunded healthcare system is likely to benefit from additional capital, in particular from international donors and private investors. Donor organizations, including US Aid, the World Bank, African Development Bank (AfDB) and the EU, are primarily striving to improve basic health care, while private donors are increasingly investing in improved laboratory facilities.

The growing private sector is particularly lucrative for German suppliers. In addition to the private reference clinics in Nairobi, Christian hospitals such as the Coptic Hospital and the Catholic Hospital are also important players. When initiating business, quality, direct customer service and a coherent overall offer are decisive. Most public tenders are published by the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA), which is considered the central procurement agency for the government health sector. Due to payment delays on the part of the authorities, medical technology suppliers are currently still holding back on tenders. In the long term, however, it can be assumed that they too will benefit from the significantly increased capital for investments and medical procurement. Medical technology from Germany is particularly in demand in the state sector when it comes to special technologies.

Due to the increasing market size and competition, local presences are gaining in importance. Many medical technology suppliers and pharmaceutical manufacturers are already active in Nairobi, the regional hub for suppliers, with their own offices or through sales representatives. One advantage: From Nairobi you can not only serve the Kenyan market, but also the neighboring countries Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

The Federal Government has been supporting companies that want to become active in Africa since 2019 with the Africa Business Network. The office is currently carrying out various pilot projects in African markets. In addition, companies receive individual support from a special contact person, the Africa partner. In addition, up to 40 hours of free consulting services can be used as part of specific projects. You can find more information about the support offered at

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