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Starting position

The standard browser on almost all Android devices is Chrome, which was developed by Google. Sometimes manufacturer-specific browsers are also installed, for example "Internet" from Samsung.

Data transfer

You can sign in to Google Chrome with your Google account to use more services. When you do that, the app sends a lot of information to Google, for example which web pages you have visited and your location.

If you do not log in, a lot of data and the location will also end up on Google if you use Google's search engine. This is preset as the standard in Chrome.

With Chrome it is not possible to install an effective ad blocker and tracking protection.


We recommend uninstalling Chrome or, if that doesn't work, at least deactivating it. To do this, go to "Apps" in the device settings and tap "Deactivate" in Chrome.

If you want to stick with Chrome then there are a few settings you can use to achieve a little more privacy. Here is the guide: Setting the Chrome browser correctly (Android).

Browser apps - Recommendations

  • Mozilla Firefox: Full-fledged open source browser from the Mozilla Foundation. Integrated tracking protection and many enhancements for more privacy available. We have put together for you how to make Firefox privacy-friendly. We have also selected the most important extensions (add-ons) for you. Firefox is available from the Google Play Store.
  • Fennec: Firefox variant from which proprietary elements have been removed where possible. The Pocket extension (suggestions for web content) does not make any recommendations by default, but is part of the browser. Pocket is part of Mozilla and is open source. You can find Fennec in F-Droid.
  • Tor Browser: Based on Firefox, but uses the Tor anonymization network. Is configured by default for strong privacy protection. "Tor Browser" was developed by the Tor Project together with the Guardian Project. You will find the "Tor Browser" in F-Droid as soon as the package sources of the Guardian Project are activated, and in the Play Store. Note: The forerunner "Orfox" has been discontinued and should no longer be used.


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