Who is the owner of Vogue

Who invented it? "Vogue" and "Cosmopolitan" with business special

Had there Condé Nast and the MVG probably the same idea for the April issues of "Vogue" and "CosmopolitanBoth come with a business special. However, "Vogue" traditionally comes up twice a year, in April and October, with a business special. The "Comopolitan" apparently liked the idea: for the first time, a business magazine is being added the MVG women's magazine.

On 132 pages, "Vogue" -Business focuses on women who devote themselves to their profession with all their heart and soul. "Even more interesting than their career paths are their life paths that led to success. They were all guided by their intuition and thus found their own personal recipe for success," says editor-in-chief Christiane Arp, describing the main theme of the current issue.

Portrayed include Christine Lagarde, the first woman to head the International Monetary Fund, travel entrepreneur Jasmine TaylorSung-Joo Kim, Owner of the bag label MCM, who is South Korea's most successful businesswoman campaigning for career opportunities, is the best-selling Australian cookbook author Donna Hay as well as university professor Heather Cameronwith the "Box girls"created an international network in which young girls fight for self-confidence.

Also describes "Prix ​​Courage"Prize Winner Bärbel Kannemann in an interview on how she helps girls who have been forced into prostitution back to life.

The "Vogue" special issue "Heart overhead - careers with passion and the courage to take risks" has been in the kiosk since Tuesday, March 14th. The "Cosmo" business magazine appeared a day later.

"Cosmo" comes up with tips from Ursula von der Leyen

The 98-page "Cosmo" special is intended to encourage women to courageously advance their professional successes and careers. The special offers "the secrets of success of prominent women, expert tips on the subject of investments, styling information for a good appearance up to concrete information from everyday political life", so Carolin Schuhler, Editor-in-chief of "Cosmopolitan".

In addition, Minister of Labor comes Ursula von der Leyen in an interview and recommends "occasionally lowering your voice in men's groups, but persevering in order to get your attention back quickly."

Brands such as BMW and Escada from the ad market says Lisa Habermayer, Advertising Manager "Cosmopolitan". "Above all, the 'Cosmopolitan' advantage card campaign convinced many customers." Business Card holders, for example, get a 20% discount at Escada - but only for goods valued at 300 euros or more.

The sold circulation of "Cosmopolitan" rose loudly IVW from 305,605 (IV / 2010) to 315,460 (IV / 2011). In the case of "Vogue", however, the number of copies sold fell slightly - from 141,346 (IV / 2010) to 141,243 (IV / 2011) copies).