How do I remove Zscaler from Firefox

Browser: switch off push notifications completely

Almost all browsers offer support for push notifications from websites. Websites that support this form of communication ask the visitor for permission. A short notice is displayed in the browser for this.

However, many users are increasingly annoyed by this question and generally do not want to receive push notifications, including questions about receipt. Push notifications and the question about them can be completely deactivated for the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Turn off push notifications in Chrome

Under Chrome the corresponding option can be found under Settings - Advanced - Privacy & Security - Content Settings - Notifications. Here you have to move the blue slider of the option "Ask before sending (recommended)" to the left. "Blocked" is then displayed next to the controller.

Deactivate push notifications in Firefox

Also under Firefox website notifications can be completely switched off. To do this, navigate under Settings to Privacy & Security - Permissions - Notifications. There you click on “Settings” and activate the option “Block new requests for displaying notifications”. Then click on “Save changes”.

Turn off push notifications in Safari

Also the Apple browser safari allows control options and the deactivation of website notifications under Settings - Websites - Notifications. To do this, deactivate the “Allow websites to ask for permissions to send push notifications” option.

Edge is a special case

Since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update also supported Edge the display of website notifications. The setting options are located under Settings - Show advanced settings - Website permissions. Unfortunately, the function cannot be switched off completely, so that when you visit a website for the first time or after you have deleted all cookies, you are asked whether you want to receive push notifications from a certain website.