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Practical knowledge about local politics, political participation and local disability policy

Would you like to change something in your place of residence, but you don't know exactly how?

Do you know exactly where there are barriers in your area?

Do you have a lot of ideas on how to reduce these?

Or are you still looking for solutions?


Then you are exactly right here!




We bring local disability policy and local policy together and show you how you can make a difference in your place of residence. Do you feel like it? Excellent!

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Why this page?

Still there in local politics less active people with disabilities and chronic diseases. It is so important that you also work as experts on your own behalf think along, have a say, have a say in decisions and bring their perspectives into politics.


But many do not even know that they can participate or how they can participate. We want to change that. Because we think that just a diverse local politics also is a policy that for all humans there is.

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