How did Cersei sexually abuse Tyrion

"Game of Thrones": Season four, episode four

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Those bright blue eyes! "Oathkeeper" solves two puzzles - and shows something new even to novelists.

SPOILER WARNING: I'll reveal details about the plot. If you don't want to know anything about the contents, don't read any further. Please don't leave any spoilers in the comments that reveal the plot beyond this episode.

"What happens to Craster's sons?" Asks Jon Snow in the second season of "Game of Thrones". After the episode "Oathkeeper" this riddle is solved. So the series is increasingly deviating from the book, in which this scene never occurs, and I think that's great. I want to be surprised, even if I know the novels - and it works. Because neither the scene in which the King (?) The White Walker marks the abandoned Craster baby and the baby's brown eyes turn bright blue, nor Jon’s mission to kill the mutineers of the Night's Watch who have taken up residence at Craster , Rape Craster's daughters and drink wine from Ser Geor Mormont's skull, occur.

Even more: will Jon and Bran, who was captured by the mutineers and revealed himself, meet? It is possible. Finally we also know where Jon's Wolf Ghost is: captured by the mutineers.

Threatened from the north and the south - the pliers for the Night's Watch are closing and there is something that even the clever Jon does not know: His life is in extreme danger, because his new, battle-tested "brother" - I have that too only recognized at second glance - is a follower of Roose Bolton.

Littlefinger "A man with no motive is a man no one suspects"

The second riddle is solved in the south: the murder of Joffrey.

Littlefinger confesses to Sansa that he was involved in the murder, but it was committed by Tyrell matriarch Olenna Redwyne: "You don't think I let you marry that beast?" she says to Margaery and immediately tells her granddaughter how she got to see her husband: through a premarital seduction.

This leads to the most disturbing scene of the episode: Margaery sneaks into Tommen's room, her potential husband number three. Made older for the show, this cute, innocent boy who wants to be a wise king is still insanely young. You immediately think of abuse when she sits down by his bed and makes him promise to treat her nocturnal visits as "our little secret". Brrr, Margaery.

Cersei was also abused in the last episode. But was it rape? I'm not sure. She didn't want to, but why didn't she fight back? In any case, the Americans are outraged that the scene has no consequences for Jaime. Rather, he makes for a lot of comedy in the "Oathkeeper" episode (the scene with Tyrion is great!) And also keeps his word to Catelyn Stark and Brienne, who christen his sword, a gift "Oathkeeper". Is he a good one, and if so, can he be despite the possible rape?

Kudos for Gray Worm. He knows how to start a revolution. Daenerys is a great conqueror. But can she also be ruler? She responds to "injustice with justice," she says, before having 163 slave owners nailed to crosses. Perhaps grace would have been wiser.


  • Tyrion to Jaime, who asks him if he poisoned Joffrey: "The Kingslayer Brothers - I like it"

  • Sansa looking for Littlefinger's art: "What do you want?" Littlefinger: "Everything."


  • I'm confused: who's a white walker and who's a wight? Jon killed a wight, but who did Samwell Tarly kill? Have we seen the White Walkers or just wights?

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