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After "Joker": "The Batman" is supposed to establish a new Joker

Rumor has it that director Matt Reeves already wants to lay the foundation for the number 1 archenemy of the Dark Knight in "The Batman". Currently he is said to be looking for a new actor.

One would actually think that director and screenwriter Matt Reeves has more than enough villains for his new DC superhero flick "The Batman" who will make life difficult for the Dark Knight, played by Robert Pattinson: Edward Nygma aka Riddler (Paul Dano) , Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot alias Pinguin (Colin Farrell), Mafia boss Carmine Falcone (John Turturro) and Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle alias Catwoman. With her, however, it is also quite possible that, due to her ambivalent nature, she does not belong to any side.

The Direct claims to have found out that Reeves would like to include another villain in the film - and none other than the Joker himself. Batman's archenemy, however, should not play an important role in contrast to the roles that have already been filled. Rather, it means that Reeves only wants to introduce or mention him before he should then claim the limelight in the other films of the potential new trilogy. So Reeves is currently looking for a suitable actor.

Three jokers in five years: isn't Warner Bros. worried about fatigue?

Should there be any truth to this rumor, which comes from Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman, it would be the third time in just five years that the Joker has been embodied by a new actor: In 2016, Jared Leto played him in "Suicide Squad" , only three years later the "Joker" received a solo film of the same name in which he was portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. Phoenix received the Oscar for Best Actor at the 92nd Academy Awards. So now, first with a new face, a 2021 cameo in “The Batman”, followed by further scheduled appearances within the trilogy?

The only question that arises is whether Warner Bros. is not putting too much strain on the audience and the fan base with this rapid rotation of actors. Constantly changing actors for the same role could lead to fatigue. "Joker" director Todd Phillips and lead actor Phoenix had already expressed an interest in working on a sequel. So why not let the Phoenix Joker encounter Robert Pattinson's Batman?

You can watch “The Joker” simply in the stream on Amazon Prime Video

"Joker" is set in 1981, and Reeves "The Batman" is said to be an origin story that shows Batman's beginnings. The film is said to be set in the 1990s. That would only be about 10-15 years after the events from "Joker". Phoenix ‘figure would only be marginally older. However, Reeves is said to be already casting the new Joker. So that would speak against it.

What is true of this rumor shows up from March 3, 2022when “The Batman” starts in German cinemas.

Anyway, the fans have already named their favorites for a new Joker in large numbers:

I don't want to jump on The Batman hype train ... But the Willem Defore picture makes him seem like THE PERFECT person to play The Joker is Joaquin Phoenix doesn't reprise his role. https://t.co/KbbcGqemvN

- Cole Schlayygs (@Schlayygs) June 9, 2020

"I don't want to jump on the 'The Batman' hype train, but this picture of Willem Dafoe makes him look like the perfect person to play the Joker if Joaquin Phoenix doesn't want to play the role again."

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"If the Joker in 'The Batman" isn't played by Willem Dafoe or Lakeith Stanfield, I don't want him. "

@mattreevesLA We don’t need a new Joker when Pheonix and Leto are still alive. Please no new joker. Get one of them please.

- Trisha Sword (@trishsword) June 9, 2020

“Matt Reeves, we don't want a new Joker with Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto still around. Please no new joker. Please get one of them on board. "

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"Matt Reeves, please, Christian Bale would be a great wild card!"

We want Jim Carrey as a joker 😎

- Abdulaziz (@magneto_no) June 9, 2020

"We want Jim Carrey as the Joker!"

And now it's your turn! How well do you know about the Joker? Test your knowledge:

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