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Be honest to yourself! How many of the following symptoms do you have?

Strava is just great! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You could even go so far as to claim that Strava has everything that is needed to turn any village, city or region into the ultimate playground for cyclists. All you have to do is choose a segment that appeals to you and you're good to go. The competition is open and the next KOM title is your motivation. May the force be with you!

Newcomers often have no one to ride with or the right approach to improve. In this case, Strava can be a very good tool. Thanks to the large Strava community, which is growing every day, there are completely new opportunities today. Everyone has the chance to improve and can compete with other drivers - a great achievement that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

How does the Strava user who holds the KOM title train on a mountain near you and how could the QOM (Queen of the Mountain) be so incredibly fast on her sprint into town? You can find the answers to these questions in the relevant activity logs on Strava.

Strava - a useful, addictive app

However, it is not all about COM titles. Strava can also help you improve your personal best or keep track of your friends' activities. You can also use Strava as a training diary or search through segments to find interesting new roads and routes.

As with many good things, there is also the other side of the coin with Strava. Because the app is so fantastic, it's extremely addictive. The following signs can help you find out if you have already contracted Strava fever yourself.

Sign 1:

You belong to a club ...

... but have never met another member personally.

There are thousands of Strava clubs. The offer starts with small clubs made up of friends and extends to real, established cycling clubs. Strava clubs are a great way to find other riders to measure yourself against.

Sign 2:

You have lost your sense of perspective

Would it ruin your week if someone snatched your KOM title on a track near the house you lived in three years ago? Would you make your way in the direction of your former home and do everything possible to turn the tables again, only to be able to sleep peacefully again afterwards?

Strava has the potential to lose touch with the really important things in cycling. The most important thing should always be to have fun. It's not just about hitting others. First and foremost, you should try to hit yourself. Strava is designed to help you improve and train more effectively. After all, Strava comes from Italian and means “to strive”.

Sign 3:

Challenge accepted!

Not only Strava segments encourage us to train harder, challenges also tempt us to do so.

Usually it is about completing a certain distance or a certain amount of meters in altitude in a certain time. Accept a challenge and striving to master it can become the purpose of your life.

Sign 4:

Your friends, roommates, and family members worry about you

You once had a healthy outlook on cycling. On Saturdays and Sundays, you would go out early to drive, come home, take a shower, and then go back to a normal life.

Today you come home from your tour and stand in full gear in the hallway for 20 minutes, look at the phone in your hand and don't care that the smell of your morning efforts slowly spreads through the whole apartment. Perhaps you are sitting hunched over and sweating over your PC, have your bike computer plugged in, are surrounded by tons of data and simply put (un) important things like showering or eating on the back burner.

If a family member or your roommate asks you what exactly you are doing and you answer with "oh, I'm just analyzing my trip on Strava" as if it were the most normal thing in the world, you should start to worry.

Sign 5:

Your ego takes on things that your body is unable to do

Strava's route feature makes it possible to plan tours in advance. You will get information about how many kilometers you can expect, how much you will climb and how long your tour will take. Without question, Strava Routes is a great planning tool, but it can also quickly tempt you to take on the over-ambitious.

If you have already planned a 300 km tour and you have already started hunger after 120 kilometers, the Strava fever could already have broken out. Be warned! When planning on the computer, distances may seem more feasible than they actually are.

Sign 6:

Driving rage sets in

Have you ever taken a coffee break during a tour, stopped Strava, forgot to turn the timer back on when driving off and then found at home that the last 120 kilometers had not been recorded? Perhaps it has already happened to you that you forgot to start Strava or your bike computer right at the beginning.

Only the true Strava victims know how painful this experience can be. It's unimaginable how much you can get angry about it. Even more annoying than your own stupidity can be a malfunction of the telephone or the GPS and a consequent loss of data. After all, a trip has not taken place if it is not saved on Strava in the end. Was all the effort and sweat in vain? Have you just wasted precious hours of your life? If questions like these torment you, you should also be serious. Often such experiences make one crazy. If the driving madness has caught you too, you have no choice but to get back on your bike and turn your anger into agonizing kilometers.

Sign 7:

You have never met Strava rivals in your neighborhood in person

All too often, drivers from your neighborhood have the stupid habit of beating the best times on all the tracks in your area. One day you will find them and destroy them, but until that happens, you have no choice but to get blown away every time their (damn) name appears again on the leaderboards.

Sign 8:

Your first KOM title feels like the greatest achievement of your life

To become king or queen of the mountains is a remarkable achievement. With Strava now having so many users, it's gotten really tough to get one of these coveted titles.

It's a special moment when the first KOM title flutters into the house. It is all the more awesome when it happens out of the blue or when you have actually worked towards it for months. You feel immortal. Yes, it's ok: you can look forward to it!

Sign 9:

You are devastated because you lost a KOM title


*E-mail received!*

"Oh no! Somebody stole my KOM title! "

Despair spreads. There are only two ways to deal with this horror news. Either you sink into self-pity or you pull yourself together, jump on your bike and pound all your anger on the pedals until you get that damn title back. Should your efforts go in vain, ...

Sign 10:

... you become KOM-paranoid

There is no way to beat your "enemy's" time without outside help. He must have stolen the title from you on a moped. Either that or he injected himself something. Either way, it's time to call on the Strava police. You can see a sign of KOM paranoia in the following photo. But the whole thing can go a step further ...

Sign 11:

You start out by making morally dubious decisions

Maybe I should just tackle the matter with motorization. The others seem to do the same after all. Basically, that would just make things even, right?

Sign 12:

You get greedy for kudos

Kudos on Strava are the same as the Like button on Facebook. If you give your buddy kudos for a tour you are basically saying: “Hey, well done!”, “Wow, long tour!” Or “Man, I'm really jealous that you pedal in the Alps, Tuscany or anywhere else can."

If you're new to Strava, you are still very generous in handing out kudos. Over time, however, you become more critical and the orange thumb is only given for journeys that are truly epic. On the other hand, if you don't get positive feedback for your own sweaty tours, you will pull your hair up.

"What? Only three kudos for my 300 km tour with an altitude of 5,000 meters! Something is wrong with the app. "

Sign 13:

The weather report becomes your obsession

Tail wind with a strength of 45 kilometers per hour? This evening? The time for the next (or first) KOM title has come.

Sign 14:

You record every trip, no matter how small

Pretty much everyone has a friend in their environment who simply records every trip. Regardless of whether it is the way to work, the Sunday drive to the newspaper box or the few meters to the nearest supermarket, every ride, no matter how small, is recorded for posterity. This is doubly annoying because on the one hand it clogs your feed and on the other hand, inexplicably, the all trackers get even more kudos than you yourself.

Sign 15:

You are no longer socially acceptable

The days of going on a tour with a friend are over. You don't even slow down or even stop to say hello to someone. Driving a few meters together is no longer an option for you. Since you've been using Strava, everything has revolved around the segment. If you run into a friend on the way and all that comes from you is "Sorry, I can't stop, Strava!", You can confess - the Strava addiction has broken out in full.

Unfortunately, to this day there is no cure for Strava addiction. All you can do is give in to it. Drive harder and faster, become a total Strava hardliner, get all KOM titles near you and pray that your city will never host a professional race.

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