Has Singapore bounty hunters

Professor van Dusen - 21. The Singapore Bounty Hunter

On their transit through Singapore, Professor van Dusen and Hutchinson Hatch are invited to the governor's office. But the evening, which is as cozy as it is unpleasant, is interrupted by the local inspector, who reports on a decapitated corpse in the botanical garden. Van Dusen senses an interesting new case, but puts both himself and Hatch in great danger ...

In 1981 the case "The Bounty Hunter of Singapore" from the series about the hobby criminologist Professor van Dusen was broadcast for the first time on the radio, almost 40 years later a CD version of the crime novel was released. The case even brings with it some approaches of social criticism, dealing with people of color, for example, or the state approval for the legal sale of hard drugs are mentioned at least in subordinate clauses. And the special peculiarities of the characters are interspersed again and again, even if only in an amused throat or the admonishing naming of a name - that is exactly what brings wit and charm into the plot. The episode is again not involved in any real framework plot, only the world tour by van Dusen and Hatch is assumed to be known - everything else results from the plot. Many characters are inserted, sometimes as speaking roles, you are only told about them. This may seem a bit confusing at times, but each piece of the puzzle has its own place in the structure of the episode, which contains a perfidious intrigue. There are also many quiet investigations, but also some exciting scenes, with everything ending in a classic gathering of all those involved, with van Dusen explaining what is going on. That turned out to be entertaining and entertaining, which underlines the quality of the series once again - also because the language is again at a high level.

Sir Francis Bannister is voiced by Horst Niendorf, who speaks to the Governor of Singapore with great enthusiasm and gives him a manner of speaking that is as present as it is energetic, which gives the character a strong aura. The wonderful Maren Kroymann can be heard as Mrs. Gwendolyn Tremane, who gives her voice a very distinctive sound and speaks her dialogues with great expression. I particularly liked the fine facets in it and direct my attention to the right places, for example a quick inhalation or a quiet sob. Rainer Pigulla can be heard as Inspector Boggles, he also does his job very well and brings a believable and humorous way of speaking. Further speakers are Christa Lorenz, Ortwin Speer and Will Hollers.

In contrast to other episodes of the series, the exotic setting of the case is not taken into account too much in the acoustic design. The music used is primarily the cheerful and sublime sounds of a string quartet. The equipment with noises is very well adapted to the plot and ensures a lively impression - both in the background and to focus more on the actions of the characters or the roar of a tiger.

The typical look of the series was used again here, so that the severed heads of three men are only shown in gray and brown tones. Despite the unsavory motif, the cover picture doesn't seem very repugnant. Inside there is an alternative cover again, little anecdotes about the episode are printed there as well as they can be heard in a short interview at the end of the episode.

Conclusion:Again, the series presents a carefully conceived and subtly implemented episode that implements a plot that is as tricky as it is well told. In addition to the case itself, the many small details in the script that make the characters and the scenery seem so lively are also convincing. It's great that this episode is available again!

Release:May 29, 2020
Order number:9783960663201