Where did Turkish tea come from?

Turkish apple tea

The fresh oriental

Apple tea is a refreshing taste experience that takes us into the sunny world of Turkey. Always the best for guests - served as a typical welcome drink, this oriental fruit tea is at home in all regions of Turkey. Here, too, Turkish apple tea enriches more and more grocery stores. Hot and chilled, it is an ideal round-the-clock summer drink for the whole family.

Even the exotic, unique scent brings that holiday feeling into every home in a flash. Turkish apple tea is almost free of sugar and of course caffeine, like almost all herbal and fruit teas, and can be enjoyed to your heart's content at any time of the day. It has a refreshing effect and impresses young and old alike with its slightly sour and fruity note.

It's all about the origin
The apples for the typical Turkish apple tea come from Eastern Turkey, where they are collected by the farmers' wives in the mountains of Eastern Anatolia. These wild apples are much smaller than cultivated apples and have a slightly sour taste. The varieties that come from the sun-drenched apple orchards of western Turkey are predominantly cultivated apples and their taste is much fruity and sweeter. The combination of the two types makes the unmistakable enjoyment of apple tea.

Relaxing summer drink
The apple tea gets its unique taste from a consistently fruity mixture. The classic variation consists of apple pieces, calcium lactate, magnesium citrate, vitamin C from the acerola cherry and flavors. He is now at home in tea shops and grocery retailers. Whether traditionally sipped hot or drunk as an iced tea - its freshness potential makes it a summer hit. In Turkey, apple tea is not only considered delicious, but also healthy: it calms troubled minds and ensures relaxation from the inside out.

Fast or faster?
For classic tea, add 13 to 15g of the mixture of pieces of fruit to one liter of boiling water. After 6 to 10 minutes of steeping time, it is ready for the hot, fruity-fresh drinking pleasure. Prepared with half a liter of water and cooled down with ice cubes, it is also a delicious treat as an iced tea.