What do your eyes say about you

THAT says your eye color about your character

As for the character traits of blondes, countless people have put forward their more or less clever theses - or should we say clich├ęs. But has anyone ever thought about what our eye color says about us? Are blue-eyed people to be assessed differently than people with brown or green eyes?

As a matter of fact. There are actually various studies on the relationship between character traits and eye color. For example, the survey by Karel Kleisner from Charles University in Prague and his colleagues, which appeared in the specialist magazine Plos One. As a result, brown-eyed people, for example, should be the most trustworthy.

The US survey by CyberPulse, a division of Impulse Research Corporation in Los Angeles, also looked at the subject. Here are the most important findings about eye colors and their respective meanings:

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Blue eyes: that's what they mean

Meaning for the character: According to studies, people with blue eyes are happy, intelligent and bright people. They don't like routine, they are independent, sincere - and attractive. They can show negative as well as positive feelings, that is, they can be resentful and moody, but also very friendly, soulful and helpful.

People with blue eyes like to help others and are particularly characterized by inner strength and perseverance. While they tend to be shy and cautious as a child, later on they are more likely to be considered extroverted personalities.

Negative property: They are also said to have a little selfishness.

Brown eyes: this is how they determine personality

Meaning for the character: Most people in the world have brown eyes. It's good that brown-eyed people have many good qualities: they are considered attractive, creative and optimistic, independent and reliable. Although they are real individualists, they are sociable, loyal, caring and approachable - at least with the people who are important to them in life. At the same time, they also have a rather serious, shy side.

In addition, people with brown eyes are considered practical and independent, assertive and self-confident. Some studies also show that brown-eyed people have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning because they get by with less sleep, but they also often sleep poorly.

Negative property: You can be a bit moody at times.

Green eyes: that's behind it

Meaning for the character: Green eyes are fascinating and are perceived by many to be particularly beautiful - simply because they are rather rare. Those with green eyes are therefore also considered sexy, seductive and a little mysterious. And they combine supposedly opposing character traits: They can be dominant and at the same time mild, cautious and strong, unpredictable but also endowed with an angelic patience.

Thanks to all these contrasts, people with green eyes are often difficult to assess. They tend to be emotionally cautious, looking for long, serious relationships in life. What else? They should be creative, independent, intelligent and curious, they are cheerful and happy people. That sounds almost perfect.

Negative property: They are often jealous.

Gray eyes: what they mean

Meaning for the character: People with gray eyes are rather difficult to characterize uniformly. What they all have in common, however, is that they are rather extreme characters. People with dark gray eyes are therefore either extremely volatile or extremely balanced. People with light gray eyes, on the other hand, are usually reserved and have a hard time being taken seriously.

People with gray eyes are more adjusted and calm types. Anyone who reveals their feelings to them will be amazed at how insecure they are. They take love very seriously, are romantic and passionate. But in a gentle and calm way.

Negative property: They are considered calculating and sometimes very stubborn.

Amber eyes: their meaning and effect

Meaning for the character: It depends on how light or how dark the brown is. Because that shows very much in terms of character. What they all have in common is that people with hazel eyes are considered self-confident, independent and spontaneous. They are determined to take risks, are adventurous and active. They are attracted to new experiences.

Anyway, people with hazel eyes show a great joie de vivre that is contagious. But these great adventurers also show themselves to be profound, responsible people who know and respect their own limits.

Negative property: Sometimes they're hard to see through and a little selfish.

Dark brown, almost black eyes: how they determine character

Meaning for the character: People with very dark, almost black eyes are rather rare. According to studies, they are considered to be cheerful, dynamic and intelligent personalities. Unfortunately, they don't always have their temperament under control and sometimes go to the ceiling, are impulsive and direct. However, this also gives them the respect they need from their environment.

So it is hardly surprising that people with dark brown, almost black eyes are often adventurers and leaders and have a dignified, mysterious aura.

Negative property: Sometimes they can seem arrogant and sometimes tend to be a bit grouchy.

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