What are the multiple taekwondo belts

The layman is also familiar with the fact that colored belts are used in the self-defense arts.

The different belts are divided into student grades (Kup), which are counted backwards starting from 10, and into master degrees (Dan), which are counted starting with 1. Originally there were only the colors white, blue, red and black, derived from the South Korean flag. The colors yellow and green as well as intermediate shades of the individual colors were only added later. In Asia, clothes and belt colors symbolized social status even in the past. Kanō Jigorō, the founder of judo, introduced the color gradations into the martial arts for the first time in the 19th century.

In addition, however, they serve a variety of purposes. Firstly, the different, clearly delimited color belts make it easier for the teacher to orientate themselves in the lesson, as one can immediately see the performance level on them and the teacher uses this to organize the grouping or the sequence of positions (the highest ranking is in the front right, the lowest in the back left).

For the student, the graduated belt grades represent an external motivational incentive to work towards. If a new “color” is achieved, this can fill the student with pride, as the belt is an outwardly visible sign of the effort made and the physical-mental maturation, so to a certain extent also an honor.

In order to achieve the individual belt grades, exams in which the student or master must present their skills are taken. The intervals between the exams depend on the student's practice and can last from three months to several years.

Each belt color in Taekwon-Do contains two grades, for which exams must be taken. The symbolism of the individual colors should only be briefly indicated here:

10th & 9th cup

White is the pure color, its wearer is at the beginning of the path.

8th & 7th cup

Yellow characterizes the soil, i.e. the origin on which everything grows.

6th & 5th cup

Green shows that life has already arisen from the basics.

4th & 3rd cup

The color blue stands for the sky, the infinite expanse, the pupil has received first insights that inspire to greater things.

2nd & 1st cup

Red means “Attention!”, Something important is emerging here, great things are in preparation and on the way.

1st - 7th Dan

Black is the color that unites all the others, is stronger than all the others.