How do current engineers beat arrogance

"Know-it-all": Tiler rejects engineers from Audi & Siemens

Michael Schmiedl's blacklist has actually been around for three years. "... no longer for know-it-alls" is written above the note from 2016 on the tiler's website. Underneath, the craftsman explains that he does not work for a certain group of people or that he excludes them from his services: “Engineers, doctoral students and academics from Audi and Siemens.” The reason: The “problem customers” demonstrated poor payment behavior.

But it was not until December 2018, when screenshots of the notice were circulating among the workforce of the companies concerned, that the press also took up the topic. Since then, the phone at Schmiedl, who lives and works in Riedenburg in Bavaria, has not stopped, there have been numerous interview requests, including from “Donaukurier”, “Bild” and “Spiegel Online”.

The 36-year-old was asked what was going on, and he willingly provided information. “Audi engineers live in a different world, these people are totally unrealistic. It's about millimeters and nanometers, which often cannot be implemented in practice. They tell you: 'We do it that way at Audi, so you do it that way too. ‘But that often doesn't work,” he is quoted in the “Donaukurier”.

As a result, he has to deal with complaints, complaints and even lawsuits in the course of the collaboration, among other things because the pattern of the stones did not suit a customer (Jura marble, a “natural product” with normal deviations, according to the craftsman, who also won the process ), or because there were deviations of one millimeter in terms of dimensions: “You choose a tile model with dimensions of 30 by 60 centimeters for your bathroom. First he measures and is surprised that he only comes to 29.5 by 59.5 centimeters. But this is always the case because the joint is included in the measurement. But the man didn't want to accept that and commissioned a standards report. "

Other "problem customers" from the automotive industry are demanding things that are simply not technically feasible, such as "bathrooms without joints". A collaboration with a lot of stress, but for which the payment would then only be delayed or with deduction requests. Initially, he no longer answered a certain number in the display (“the -89 is practically always Audi”), says the 36-year-old.

"They can't even knock a nail into the wall"

At some point he made his decision public on his website. The response was positive, he had received “hundreds” of e-mails with praise, he told “Spiegel Online”: “I get a lot of thank-you letters, especially from Audi employees. Almost everyone says, finally someone will say it ‘. There are also a few engineers among them. They are happy that this arrogance and this behavior is being addressed from above. "