Why do scramble eggs run

Tips for the perfect scrambled eggs: You will always make this mistake

Scrambled eggs should not be missing from a hearty breakfast. For it to be perfect, avoid making this common mistake in making it.

When the clocks run a little slower on the weekend or while on vacation, many people take time for a hearty breakfast. Freshly squeezed orange juice and bread rolls are often accompanied by scrambled eggs.

But what is the best way to prepare it so that it does not end up dry, tough or even completely tasteless on the breakfast plate? We have the best tips for the perfect scrambled eggs, which you should try right away at your next breakfast.

The most common mistake in preparation

Many scrambled egg lovers season the raw, scrambled eggs with salt before they are cooked - a fatal mistake! According to TV chef Gordon Ramsay, the added salt causes the egg mixture to lose liquid, which greatly dilutes the finished scrambled eggs on the plate. It is better to only salt the scrambled eggs after they have been heated. In this way, above all, the good taste is retained.

This is how the perfect scrambled eggs succeed

In addition to the advice not to season the egg dish until the end of the cooking process, there are others Tips for the perfect scrambled eggs in the morning:

Beat extensively

If you like your scrambled eggs particularly fluffy, you should beat the eggs thoroughly in the bowl before they go into the hot pan. Egg white and egg yolk mix perfectly and the scrambled eggs become particularly soft and light and airy due to the blown air.

Use a hot pan

When the egg mixture is added to the pan, it should sizzle nicely - but don't burn! So it is important that the nonstick pan is put on medium heat before the eggs are added to the pan.

You can test whether the right temperature has been reached with a small piece of butter: If it becomes frothy in the pan, the temperature can be turned down and the egg mixture added.

Stir often

As the name of the dish suggests, frequent stirring is the key to a fluffy and at the same time hearty scrambled egg. It doesn't matter whether it's a classic wooden spoon or a rubber scraper - the main thing is to stir carefully. At a low temperature, the scrambled eggs are turned back and forth until the desired degree of browning is achieved.

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Refine with herbs and spices

A simple scrambled egg without any additional ingredients is pretty boring in the long run. The right herbs and spices ensure more aroma. Fresh chives, parsley and coriander conjure up appetizing splashes of color on the scrambled eggs and add a lot of flavor!

Chilli, turmeric and co. Give the popular scrambled eggs a completely new flavor and bring variety to the plate. Fresh or steamed vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers or mushrooms also provide an additional bite.

That's why scrambled eggs are so healthy!

Scrambled eggs are a great filler in the morning because they are full of high-quality protein. In addition, chicken eggs are rich in iron, calcium, potassium, folate and vitamins A, D and E. The shorter the cooking time, the more nutrients are retained - this is what the quick scrambled dish is perfect for! For those who are careful about their calorie balance: Poached and boiled eggs are the least calorie-consuming.

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