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17.02.2018. Deniz Yücel is free - but that shows once again how unfree they are Turkish justice is says Can Dündar in Time online.  "Breathtaking"calls them New York Times the extent and sophistication of Russian influence in the American election campaign. How many chances are there of one muslim democracyafter yourself Indonesia disappears in the black hole of Islamism, asks Marco Stahlhut in the FAZ. The Basler newspaper explores anti-Semitic tendencies in the Labor Party. And Sibylle Lewitscharoff says in the NZZeven if they are on Jacob Taubes thinks not #Me too.
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Marco Stahlhut pursues in Indonesia, as one of the few countries that was considered a Muslim democracy, increasingly in the black hole of Islamism disappears: Now extramarital sexual relations - especially homosexual ones, of course - are made a criminal offense. After a tour d'horizon through other Muslim countries, he draws in the feature pages of the FAZ a bitter conclusion: "Instead of continuing to play the game of calling Muslim countries 'moderate', which are actually just less misanthropic than Iran and Saudi Arabia, it is time to face reality. After decades, more freely Flows of money and ideology From the rich and reactionary Arab Gulf states, Islam is now dominated worldwide by interpretations that look down on other religions with contempt, regard women as second-class beings and adopt an attitude towards Jews and homosexuals that ranges from extremely intolerant to eliminatory. "


That as an American camouflaged Russians it was known to try to influence the American elections through fake Facebook profiles. But that Extent and sophistication the actions that now come out after the publication of Robert Mueller's FBI report on the indictment of 13 Russians is "breathtaking," writes the editorial staff of the New York Times in today's editorial. "They created hundreds of social media accounts on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites to infuriate and confuse people on issues such as immigration, religion, and black lives - some of those accounts had hundreds of thousands of followers." And so it continues. They operated in swing states and accused Democrats of electoral fraud. Trump and those around him claim they have didn't know anything. In addition the Times: "Don't forget that Mueller already has two confessions of guilt from Trump's former security advisor and an election campaign advisor about their relationship with Russian government agencies. "


Emel Zeynelabidinwho sees herself as a pious Muslim, but can also explain very precisely why it was a liberation for her, the headscarf to discard, understands in the taz the "tolerance" of the left and the Greens in Berlin not that Law of neutrality want to abolish the city. "I also find it bad that young Muslim girls are already wearing headscarves. Yours own decision? Not at all. This clothing rule controls the natural curiosity about life, the willingness to experiment and the possibility of become yourself to be able to. The danger of self-alienation through the suppression of natural needs is very great. The headmaster of a private Catholic high school should bear this in mind, as should our politicians, if they think so a teacher with a headscarf can also serve as a model. "

The #Me tooMovement is an invention African American feminists, writes the Americanist who teaches in Düsseldorf Susan Winnett in the taz: "The African American Tarana Burke has 'Me Too' already in 2007 Established to provide young survivors of sexual violence with a space where their stories will be believed. Through empathy, poor 'brown and black' women in particular, who are the most common and most defenseless victims of sexual harassment, should empower themselves to regain credibility. "However, Winnett hardly goes into the violence in the Afro-American community.

Clearly against Political Correctness speaks itself Sibylle Lewitscharoff in a small portrait made by Thomas Ribi for the NZZ draws: "The philosopher Jacob Taubes, one of the icons of Berlin's 1968 movement, grabbed her several times when she drove him home in the car. 'But what the heck?' She asks, amused. 'Be a little pat on curious hand. That's it. ' She was never angry with him. "
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That the release Deniz Yücels Was a purely political decision, is obvious, writes Jürgen Gottschlich in the taz. The process will now be opened without the journalist who is allowed to travel to Germany. But the prosecutor calls up to 18 years Jail. And "that the Turkish judiciary still shares the opinion of the Turkish government, which considers all critical journalists to be terrorist propagandists, shows a decision of another chamber on the same day. The former editor-in-chief was on Friday in Istanbul Ahmet Altan, his brother Mehmet Altan, the grande dame of Turkish journalism Nazli Ilicak and the journalists Fevzi Yazıcı, Yakup Şimşek and Şükrü Özşengül Sentenced to 'more difficult life imprisonment' in each case. "Kareem Shaheen is also involved in their trial Guardian on.

As much as the release of Yücel is to be celebrated, the light it shines on them is so bad Turkish justice throws, thinksCan Dündar in an interview with Carolin Ströbele Time online: You "marks the end of a independent jurisprudence in Turkey. Deniz Yücel waited a year for an official charge and then he was released from one day to the next. The sultan has ordered Deniz Yücel's arrest and the Sultan has decided that he will be released. "

Hansjörg Müller, London correspondent for Basler newspaper, writes a very instructive report about Anti-Semitism in the Labor Party and speaks to the Labor MP, among others John Mannwho is one of the few who fights this anti-Semitism decidedly: "This comes mainly from old left, less from Muslims. Pakistanis and Bengali showed little interest in Palestine. 'If you ask a young British Muslim about Israel, he might make a negative comment, but most of them have never even thought about it.' Older Corbyn supporters in particular are prone to anti-Semitic ideas: 'These are people in their seventies and eighties who are nostalgic about theirs Studied in the sixties think back. '"

In the FAZ behave yourself Peter Schneider and Viktor Erofeev about Russia before the elections. And what Erofejew about the Russians and Putin's competitors says, sounds even darker than one would have expected: "Among the newer politicians would be the head of the republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, good in the race. Kadyrov is the most popular blogger in Russia, reaching millions. Kadyrov thinks Europe is satanic and America is worse. I think Putin is still more liberal than most of our population, even though the Russian liberals would kill me for it. "
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