What happens when the habeas corpus is exposed

Habeas corpus

The feeling of losing sovereignty over one's body already sets in at the airport. This is nothing new. As a traveler, you are used to the gradual transformation into cargo: you get rid of the effects as well as your personality at the security check. The sudden nudity is absorbed by the militant friendliness of the staff. The fact of starting the journey with the largest airliner in the world describes only a gradual aggravation. So no cause for alarm.

After all, what should you worry about? Relax and enjoy your flight. The plane climbs calmly to eleven thousand meters cruising altitude, the ladies bring drinks, and after the second glass you realize that you can ask them for anything. You shouldn't just touch it. This is what the on-board entertainment program screen is for. It is sensitive to touch and leads the mind out of the present into another world. Here the traveler finds his only task: he has to decide in which way he wants to complete his infantilization. Would he rather solve a quiz, prevent colored balls from falling into a black hole, or would he rather tackle his twelve works with Hercules?

You can't tell that you're flying at all. You need computer graphics that make the progress of the journey understandable. With 600 souls on board you climb south, no jerking, no fluttering, no vibrations, a long, steady movement. Only occasionally interrupted by an ugly jolt, as if the plane was clearing its throat, so briefly that you are not sure whether you imagined it.

The rest is elegance, symbolized in the hat veil of the flight attendants. Her grace, her cool efficiency, inevitably makes the traveler appear clumsy. His body functions become an embarrassment. It would be better not to have a body at all, which is only an obstacle. You would now be ready to have diapers put on and a cannula for artificial feeding. In the midst of total automation, this would only be logical.

After landing, the last bit of body feeling evaporates. Blinded by the glamor of modernity, you shuffle across the marble floors, the spray from the floor-to-ceiling waterfalls in the terminal hall of Dubai Airport wet your face, but it doesn't refresh your face. The road that leads to the neighboring emirate has eight lanes. It leads straight out into the desert like a folding rule, and whoever has the pleasure of driving it at night is illuminated by the glow of tens of thousands of candelabra, which are trellised twenty meters apart like courtiers before the throne of an invisible god. Sometimes the torch of a refinery flickers away into the black sky, and you understand: Without the oil, nothing here would last longer than a few days.

But the black gold has not yet dried up. The towers are still standing, they are the highest in the world. In one of them you lay down to rest. The door closes noiselessly. The room is air-conditioned. Breakfast like at home. There is no threat.

When a person disappears from this world, someone you know and like, and with whom you share certain things, the job and some friends, this fact only slowly penetrates into consciousness. Of course you notice your absence, but having lost yourself so much it is difficult to develop a sense of someone else's absence. And when one has finally found the sensation again, it is difficult to put it into words.

You may have been invited to a boat trip with a group of other travelers who, just as amazed, receive cool drinks on the upper deck, just as dull and dumb in the heat of noon and wait for the announced sensations. Of course there is this unrest - but the skyline is really unique. Why not take a few pictures of it first before asking an awkward question? You can talk about everything here, but about the one who is missing, you should be silent. Because when you mention his name, the host means to you to change the subject. The disappeared will be back soon. Yes, he was arrested, no, his whereabouts are not known at the moment, he will be in some police station. It can only be a misunderstanding. It's not worth making a big deal out of. And has it not always been said that only the unforeseen gives life its spice? Lo and behold, the dolphins! Don't you want to enjoy the way they play with the bow wave? Why don't you see her beauty And the food - isn't that where all the goodies of the Orient come together? So where's your discontent, aren't you just ungrateful?

When a person disappears, the first thing to do is bring them back to consciousness. You learn the truth of the phrase: out of sight, out of mind. One experiences the wisdom of the saying: Les absents ont tort, those who are absent are wrong. In fact, the disappeared will soon be blamed. He should have known that you can't take photos of messages. His carelessness was criminal, or, as one man from the secret service put it: There is nothing more suspicious than harmlessness.

When a person disappears, those who refuse to accept it have to fight indifference first. What is so unique about this missing thing that you should let yourself be disturbed in your business and entertainment? After all, there are other things that deserve attention, and isn't it vain and presumptuous to let go of commitments? The world cannot stand still just because one is missing. For example, there may be a book fair, events that you have to attend, and what can the readers do if someone wasn't paying attention, was so stupid as to be arrested off the street? It would be better not to take the whole thing so seriously and relax. For example in the pool on the roof of the hotel, for example with a cool drink in the bar.

And when he shows up again, when you've seen him, for example in a palace of justice, with ankle shackles but otherwise healthy, then it won't be difficult to turn away from him and finally to consider the matter settled. You now know where he is, you have the assurance that he will soon be released. His arrest is merely the result of an open administrative matter that has yet to take its course. So you could calm yourself down. A stupid coincidence. A mistake. No malice.