Could Jon Snow defeat Ramsay's forces credibly

Beyond Good and Evil - GAME OF THRONES: BEYOND THE WALL (S07E06)

Back on Dragonstone. While and Jon and his dirty dozen up north carry the action of the episode, Dany and Tyrion finally have time for an intimate conversation. They talk about Jon Snow, the upcoming meeting with Cersei in King’s Landing, about building a new world and the difficult question of Dany's successor. Dany values ​​Tyrion for his level-headedness, not his quick-tempered heroism. He's not like Drogo, Jorah, Daario, or this Jon Snow. But they were all in love with Dany, Tyrion replies. But it was all men (with the exception of Lord Friendzone) who Dany cared for and whom she followed. Aye, there's the rub. If Dany really wants to be different, to build a better world, she has to listen to Tyrion. Put yourself in the shoes of your opponents, understand them in order to defeat them. Don't just rely on fear and violence. And through their irrepressible will to rule, ensure that their legacy lives on after their deaths. Dany has to listen to her common sense. But later she lets herself be completely guided by her feelings. She sets off headlong north to save Jon and the others from the White Walkers. Another impulsive act. A daring feat that makes her such a fool as Drogo, Jorah, Daario, and this Jon Snow. A young ruler, wavering between mind (Tyrion) and her heart (Jon), who would give up her dream of ruling the Seven Kingdoms to save a few strangers she has just met. Hot-headed? Foolish? Heroic? Anyway, an exciting conflict.


BEYOND THE WALL scores there where the plot is not pushed forward and there is time for the characters. If they can do that and say what they want, not what the larger plot tells them to do. Then there are exciting scenes like the one from Dragonstone, or the many short dialogues of Jon's zombie hunters on their way to the suicide mission. Jon and Jorah, Jorah and Thoros, the Brotherhood and Gendry, Gendry and Tormund, Tormund and Sandor. Small conversations that keep the action alive and keep the characters human. For various reasons, these misfits have come together and are now discovering that they have more in common than just breathing. The harsh conversation between Sandor and Tormund falls on Brienne of all people, who is adored by one and dismissed by the other. But both have a certain respect for the Lady of Tarth. Jorah and Jon talk about their fathers, how Ned Stark wanted Ser Jorah to be killed for his crimes and Lord Commander Jeor was a surrogate father to Jon. Gendry can temporarily make peace with the Brotherhood who sold him to Melisandre in THE CLIMB (S03E06). The dialogues could have gone on indefinitely. Who needs ice zombies when they can listen to Tormund imagine his babies with Brienne? Those were the real highlights of the episode.